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Dodging the Rain

The trials and tribulations of a determined bike builder in the great outdoors.

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Welcome to our world of custom bike building. Check out our specials and tutorials.

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Warrior Recumbent Tadpole Racing Trike Spirit Short Wheelbase Racing Bike Aurora Delta Racing Trike DeltaWolf Recumbent Racing Trike

Warrior Recumbent Tadpole Racing Trike is an amazing tadpole trike that can be built using only basic components. Includes under seat steering, disc brakes, adjustable cranks.

Spirit Short Wheelbase Racing Bike is an easy- to-build sporty short wheelbase recumbent bike with over seat steering and an adjustable bottom bracket.

The Aurora Delta Racing Trike merges maximum speed with comfort. This unique DIY delta trike breaks new ground with rear suspension and dual disc brakes.

DeltaWolf Recumbent Racing Trike takes delta performance to a new level in the corners and on the flats. This fully adjustable trike includes responsive linked steering.

Our latest tutorials

If you are new to the world of human powered vehicle design, then have a look at our bike building tutorials and mini webisodes. We will be updating these on a regular basis with new tips, tricks, and general DIY bike building information so that you can learn the skills needed to dive into this great hobby.

Building a VeloMobile 3 Cross Wheel Lacing Kids Electric Trike Simple SWB Recumbent

Building a VeloMobile

An ongoing build log detailing the design creation of The AtomicZombie Practical VeloMobile. Updated on March 31, 2013.

Wheel Lacing

This wheel lacing tutorial will show you how to take apart a 36 spoke 3-cross wheel and then put it back together again.

Kids Electric Trike

An easy to build DIY electric trike that your young pilot can enjoy indoors or outdoors. Uses parts from a small electric scooter.

Simple SWB Recumbent

An easy to build weekend project that converts a 20 inch kid's bike into a fun to ride short wheelbase recumbent bike.

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Feature articles

Trike Adventure 2

Three Go Dutch (Part 2)
Danny Clarke, John Price and Paul Needham of the AtomicZombie bike building community explore Holland on their recumbent trikes. Ride along and learn about their adventures and mishaps. Read more>>

Trike Adventure 1

Three Go Dutch (Part 1)
Danny Clarke, John Price and Paul Needham of the AtomicZombie bike building community explore Holland on their recumbent trikes. Ride along and learn about their adventures and mishaps. Read more>>

winter trike

Build the HammerHead Winter Trike
This simple DIY project is designed to inspire you to build a bike to conquer a typical winter climate with snow, ice and slush. The Hammerhead is a two-headed monster that eats snow and ice for breakfast and has no fear of Old Man Winter or his frozen wrath. Read more>>

winter trike

Servicing your wheel bearings
Learn to lubricate and setup your cup and cone wheel bearings. Keep your DIY recumbent bike running like clockwork. Read more>>


Restore a derailleur
This detailed AtomicZombie tutorial shows you how to take a grungy derailleur, take it apart, clean and re-assemble for installation. Includes 53 high resolution color photos and 13 high definition (HD) videos. Read more>>

recumbent lowracer Family made tandem
On a typical Saturday morning, Rex Marin came up with a terrific idea to start a family project that would involve his kids. After watching their dad build bikes for years, the boys are now interested in tearing bikes apart and creating unique bicycles. The result is a tandem that the entire family can enjoy. Read more>>

recumbent lowracer Build a FWD recumbent lowracer
Ian W. Swindells (forum member swizz69) always wanted a recumbent bicycle. His online searching brought him to the AtomicZombie builders forum Read more>>

tadpole trike Make your own mudguards (fenders)
Bike builder and AtomicZombie community member, Emma Wheatland (aka Twinkle) shares her innovative solution to soggy rides. Riding a bike in the rain and sleet isn't fun when you're constantly showered with spray from the tires. In true build-it-yourself spirit, Wheatland Read more>>

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From Our Bike Builder's Gallery...

Our bike building community spans the entire globe and includes builders from all walks of life and age group. We are an ever expanding group of human powered vehicle enthusiasts that share one common desire - to build it ourselves! Here is just a small sample of the thousands of creative rides in our Gallery built by others from around the world.

AtomicZombie DIY Gallery 5 AtomicZombie DIY Gallery 6 AtomicZombie DIY Gallery 7 AtomicZombie DIY Gallery 8

AtomicZombie DIY Gallery 1 AtomicZombie DIY Gallery 2 AtomicZombie DIY Gallery 3 AtomicZombie DIY Gallery 4

Anyone can build a custom bike!

Building custom bicycles is a great hobby that can be learned by anyone with a desire to create. The skills needed to dismantle, alter and repair bicycle components can be easily learned, and the parts and tools you will need are quite inexpensive. Discarded or worn out bicycles offer many good parts and can often be found at local scrap yards, city dumps, or yard sales for a few dollars.

Even if you plan to build a custom creation using all new parts, this hobby will seem inexpensive compared to many, as you can normally purchase a brand new bicycle at a store for less than a hundred dollars. The great thing about hacking and welding bicycles is that you will be working with all steel components, which are much stronger, more common, and much less expensive than high grade aluminum or carbon fiber bicycle parts.

You can build your own recumbent bike, tadpole trike, chopper, velomobile, electric scooter, delta trike, quadcycle or tandem trike from our easy-to-follow plans. All of our plans can be modified to suit your own needs. Combine the ideas presented in several plans into a unique home built recumbent bike, or create your own racing trike based on one of our DIY plans. The possibilities are endless!

Even if you have never taken a bicycle apart or handled an angle grinder, you can learn all of the skills needed to create your own recumbent bike or chopper in a few weekends using inexpensive tools and standard bicycle components. Our plans include many styles of human powered and electric vehicles, and most projects can be built for a fraction of the cost of a new comparable vehicle.

Build a low and fast recumbent tadpole trike, or a sturdy load carrying trike from our plans. You can race local traffic by building a lowracer from our recumbent lowracer plans, or look cool cruising on your own radical phat tire chopper bicycles based on Atomic Zombie chopper plans!

None of our bike or trike plans require expensive or hard-to-find parts. You can easily make changes to suit your needs or work with the materials you have on hand. Any standard store welder and a few handheld tools are needed to create your own choppers, custom trikes and recumbent bicycles from our plans, so dive right in and let the sparks fly! Our DIY bike plans require welding and the use of basic tools.

We also have an international bike builders community if you need help, and a builders gallery where you can show off your own handmade bike. The Atomic Zombie bike building family is around the world, so please join us.

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Working in the Field

No garage and a makeshift shop. Bike building on a shoestring budget outdoors.

Featured Tutorial

3 Cross Wheel Lacing

Wheel Lacing

This wheel lacing tutorial will show you how to take apart a 36 spoke 3-cross wheel and then put it back together again.

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