The CycleBully Electric Assist Trailer

Paint your CycleBully trailer any color you want

The Atomic Zombie CycleBully electric assist bicycle trailer is robust multipurpose cargo trailer that includes a suspension system and an electric motor that can push your bike or trike up to city traffic speeds. This DIY electric trailer plan shows you how to turn a few standard bicycle frame parts and some steel tubing into an electric cargo trailer that will allow you to effortlessly move a hundred pounds or more. Top speed and range are determined by the choice of hub motor kit, so you can tailor this DIY bike trailer to your own needs and budget.

The CycleBully electric trailer has an adaptable hitch arm

The unique feature of the CycleBully electric trailer is that it has only a single wheel, yet will remain upright on your bike or trike. Using an easy to build dual axis hitch, this electric assist cargo trailer will adapt to any upright bicycle or recumbent vehicle and will always remain upright, yet follow the angle of the bike as it leans into the corners. Because of this single wheel and suspension design, your cargo will enjoy a smooth ride and you can navigate narrow trails or ride along the side of the street without adding any extra width to your vehicle. This DIY bike trailer plan also includes an adaptable hitch arm that can connect to any bike or trike, no matter how low to the ground or tall it may be.

CycleBully can transport heavy loads

The CycleBully electric assist trailer includes the battery pack under an adaptable flatbed that allows any type of cargo box or carrier to be installed. All of the weight is carried by the rear suspension, so your battery bank and cargo will always get the smoothest ride possible on hostile terrain. Because the trailer hitch is removable at the front, you can reconfigure this DIY bicycle trailer in a few minutes from one bike to the other, no matter how different they both are. The electric hubmotor on the CycleBully can propel your bike for an hour or more at speeds that come close to the legal city limit, allowing you to safely drive in traffic with a heavy payload.

Atomic Zombie CycleBully e-trailer is stable and sturdy

On a recumbent trike, the CycleBully electric trailer will remain upright, allowing the hitch to move side-to-side or up and down as the trike makes turns and drive over uneven ground. On a two wheeled upright bike or recumbent bike, the CycleBully will also follow the lean of the bike as it takes corners, but the trailer will never tip, so your cargo will always remain secure. Because the battery bank is positioned low, the rear drive wheel will maintain constant traction and the trailer will not affect the handling of your bike, remaining almost invisible even when carrying a large load.

Our electric trailer has a detachable trailer hitch for uprights and recumbents

Adapting to an upright bicycle is easy with the DIY detachable trailer hitch, which allows you to create an arm for every different bike or trike you own. Swapping the trailer from one bike to another is as simple as changing the hitch and installing the motor control throttle on the handlebars. The CycleBully electric trailer plan is highly adaptable to the components you have on hand, so you can use just about any type of hubmotor kit and wheel size to create your own unique electric assist bike trailer. With our easy to follow plan, you can build your own electric cargo trailer in a few days using only basic tools and materials.

Bike hubmotor kit is easy to install

A bicycle hubmotor kit is a very efficient electric motor that is built in a hub which is then laced into a standard bicycle wheel. When you purchase a hubmotor kit, it will come with the wheel of your choice and all of the parts necessary to connect it to a bicycle. All you have to do is plug the battery bank into the charger and then you will be ready to go, riding on clean, efficient, and totally silent electric power. For extended range, you can easily create a new battery pack with larger capacity for extended range of 50 miles or more on a single charge. Acceleration with an electric assist motor is extremely strong, so you can climb practically any hill as you bring home a load of heavy groceries.

Electric assist trailers are quiet and environmentally friendly

The Atomic Zombie CycleBully electric bicycle trailer plan leaves plenty of room for modifications, so you can build your own versatile and robust electric bicycle trailer using basic tools and materials. If you have been looking for a way to leave the car at home and get a little fresh air, then this project is for you. Thanks to the electric assist motor, you can most likely make the trip in less time on your bike or trike than you could in the car, and it will certainly be a much more enjoyable journey.

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The CycleBully Electric Assist Trailer