The DeltaRunner Recumbent Delta Trike

Paint your Atomic Zombie designed recumbent trike any color you’d like to suit your style

The DeltaRunner recumbent delta trike is a sporty and comfortable trike that includes a rear disc brake, front suspension and full size rear wheels. You can build this DIY recumbent trike using inexpensive parts and tools using our easy to follow plan. Most of the parts can be found at your local bike shop, so you can tailor this recumbent trike to your own budget and use the parts you have available. The DeltaRunner recumbent trike is able to carry a great deal of weight thanks to the durable square tube frame tubing and the easy to create rear wheel hubs, so it ideal for heavy riders or as a base for a cargo trike.

Atomic Zombie’s DeltaRunner is sturdy and comfortable

The DeltaRunner recumbent trike has front suspension and a moderate seat height, so it is ideal in city traffic or on rough dirt roads. Having dual 26 inch rear wheels means that the ride will be smooth and allow a full range of gearing for hill climbing or high speed commuting. The laid back seating position and comfortable handle bars give you an advantage in sped and power as you can deliver your full energy to the cranks when needed, and enjoy a very long commute without the pains associated with upright bicycle seating. A rear disc brake and front caliper brake give this recumbent trike plenty of responsive stopping power.

You can make your own affordable rear hubs and seat.

The unique rear hubs are designed to give the rear wheels extended lateral strength, which is why the DeltaRunner can take advantage of full sized 26 inch diameter rear wheels. The rear hubs cost only pennies to make, and can be made using nothing more than a hand held drill and your welder, so this DIY trike plan will keep you budget to a minimum. Even the comfortable seat is made using very basic materials and tools, so anyone with a desire to create can make a version of this sporty recumbent delta trike from our easy to follow plans.

Adjustable bottom bracket and hill climbing gears

The handlebars are positioned over the rider to allow for leg clearance and to place the arms in a very relaxed and comfortable position for long distance commuting. Shifters and levers are standard bicycle components, so you can choose the style of shifters and number of gears to suit your own riding tastes. With a full range of 26 or more gears, the DeltaRunner recumbent delta trike is designed to climb the steepest of hills yet allow you to fly like the wind on the straight stretches. The bottom bracket is also fully adjustable along the main frame boom, so this delta trike can fit riders of any leg length by making a simple adjustment.

A lightweight recumbent trike perfect for a fully faired velomobile

This trike is not only extremely comfortable to ride, it is also fast around corners due to the low center of gravity as compared to an upright shopping style trike. The recumbent seating position not only helps you deliver your full energy to the cranks, it allows you to enjoy the view and offers an aerodynamic advantage on a windy day. The DeltaRunner is also a fairly lightweight trike in its class, and it can be stored vertically, taking up only a few feet in your garage when in storage. This DIY trike is also a great platform for a fairing or full body in order to create your own velmobile that can help you leave the car in the driveway more often and save money on fuel costs.

DeltaRunner makes a great cargo bike, too.

There is plenty of room behind the seat for a cargo box or even a large battery bank for electric assist, and the frame is easily modified from the original plan in order to create your own unique DIY delta trike. The entire transmission with the exception of a single machined part is made using standard bicycle components, so repairs are simple and costs are kept to a minimum. The DeltaRunner DIY delta trike can be built for a fraction of the cost of a new trike and it will certainly outperform any upright shopping style trike for speed, agility and hill climbing ability. Of course, it looks great as well!

Built for comfort, cargo and distance commuting.

Riding a delta trike is both relaxing and fun, and you can easily build your own sporty trike from our easy to follow our Atomic Zombie DIY recumbent delta trike plans using only the most basic tools and materials. Enjoy the benefits of fresh air and exercise as well as the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with building your own human powered vehicle. The DeltaRunner recumbent DIY trike is the perfect all around recumbent trike for commuting, exercise, load carrying, and pure fun.

The DeltaRunner Recumbent Delta Trike