The DeltaWolf Recumbent Racing Trike

Paint your own DeltaWolf racing trike any color to suit your individual style.

The DeltaWolf recumbent racing trike breaks all of the rules, merging a lean mean recumbent lowracer with a stable delta trike. It’s a human powered vehicle that is fast, agile, and able to fly around corners without slowing down. This DIY racing trike puts you in the pilot’s seat of a vehicle that is as much fun to ride as it is to build, and you only need a basic set of tools and some inexpensive materials in order to carve out your own lean, mean racing machine. Because the DeltaWolf uses large 26 inch rear wheels, it can outperform most delta trikes, able to achieve very high gear ratios for extended top speeds.

The Atomic Zombie DeltaWolf speed trike is an affordable bike project.

The DeltaWolf includes a linked steering system and a rear disc brake system, so it can carve out the corners and stop on a dime, making it a very fun trike to ride on the urban race track. The specially engineered rear hubs allow the use of full sized 26 inch wheels, and they can be built by anyone using a few dollars in metal and nothing more than a hand held drill. In fact, the entire DIY delta trike can be built in a few days using only basic materials and bicycle components that can be purchased from any bike shop or salvaged from your parts pile. There is only a single machined part on the entire trike, and it is easily fabricated at a machine shop for minimal cost.

Recumbent seat design for distance riding and comfort.

The laid back and low seating is not only comfortable for those long commutes, but it also offers a distinct power advantage over an upright cycle, allowing the rider to deliver full force to the cranks for hill flattening or high speed sprinting. The DeltaWolf has too many cool features to list. Because Atomic Zombie’s DIY trike plan is easy to modify, you can insert your own creativity into the mix and design a completely unique racing delta trike that fits your style, size, and needs.

DeltaWolf recumbent trike has many practical features.

The handlebars are positioned in front of the pilot in order to allow for leg clearance and to place them in a comfortable position for those long commutes. All of the controls are mounted to the steering system for easy access, and the levers and shifters are standard bicycle components that can be found at any bike shop. The bottom bracket is fully adjustable along the main frame so that riders of just about any leg length can set up the trike by making a simple adjustment. Linked steering offers very responsive handing characteristics and gives this delta trike a very small turning radius, so it can easily make a u-turn on half the width of a city street.

You can build your own delta trike on a shoestring budget.

The speed factor has normally been reserved for 2 wheelers or tadpole trikes, but the DeltaWolf changes the rules and puts the delta trike configuration ahead of the pack. You can push hard into the corners and gain an aerodynamic advantage on the flats or down hills with this laid back and low racing delta trike. Our DIY delta trike plan makes it easy for anyone on a budget to build a sporty delta recumbent trike using common tools and inexpensive components, and we start from the ground level, showing you the basics and how to make your own modifications to our DIY plan.

Strong and stable frame design.

The main frame on the DeltaWolf recumbent trike is made from square tubing, so it is both strong and durable yet at the same time offers a smooth ride, lessening vibrations from the road. Most of the other components can be salvaged from any bicycle or purchased new at a bike shop, so you can build your own delta trike for a fraction of the cost of a factory built trike. You also get the added bonus of bragging rights to having made your own ultra cool racing trike from scratch.

The DeltaWolf trike is easy to ride.

There is no learning curve involved when you start out on a recumbent delta trike - just jump into the pilot’s seat and put your legs to work. Shift into low gear to flatten that hill, or push yourself to the upmost limits on the straight stretch, passing traffic in the highest gear. The DeltaWolf racing trike is comfortable enough for an extended commute and so well behaved that you can ride along with a cup of java in one hand. Even winter riding is possible due the stable three wheel configuration.

Motorize your trike with an electric assist hub motor.

Imagine how much fun the DeltaWolf trike would be if it was motorized! Add a front hubmotor and you can easy glide up steep hills with no effort or cruise along with city traffic, reaching sustained speeds that were impossible under human power alone. There is plenty of room behind the seat for a battery pack, and the front forks easily adaptable to take just about any hubmotor kit. You could also adapt the rear axle for a gas engine by making modifications to our original DIY delta trike plans.

You can build your own delta trike with our detailed DIY plans.

The DeltaWolf takes delta trike performance to the cutting edge and will push your recumbent leg muscles to their maximum potential, and what a great way to get in shape. About the only downside to owning such a cool DIY trike is that you may spend a lot of time stopped to explain that you built it yourself! Turn those city streets into your own personal racetrack, and have a blast on your own homebuilt delta racing trike.

The DeltaWolf Recumbent Racing Trike