The Dutchman Full Suspension Cargo Bike

A practical cargo bike that can transport heavy loads.

The Atomic Zombie Dutchman full suspension cargo bike combines a long wheelbase recumbent bicycle with a Dutch style cargo bike, for the best of both worlds - comfort and capacity. Offering full suspension and an adaptable cargo bay, the Dutchman DIY cargo bike can move hundreds of pounds smoothly and under complete control. The unique cargo perimeter frame offers extended strength and durability so that massive or very wide loads can be easily handled by this hardy cargo bike.

The front cargo area adds to the bike’s stability.

The pilot’s area is configured as a semi-recumbent bicycle with over seat steering for maximal control and smooth handling. Having the steering linkage and an extra frame tube over the cargo area makes the DutchMan able to carry massive cargo loads, limited in width by only the road you intend to travel on. The cargo is placed so that the weight is below the rider, making the bike feel stable and smooth no matter how much weight you are transporting, and the recumbent seating position allows for some serious pedal pushing up those larger hills.

The cargo area can be open or enclosed.

The DutchMan cargo bike includes a large cargo bay that can be adapted to many different types of cargo boxes or a flatbed platform. Our Atomic Zombie DIY cargo bike plan includes a simple three walled cargo bed that can be installed or removed from the cargo area using a few bolts, making it easy to create several different styles of cargo boxes for your shipping needs. A fully enclosed cargo box could easily be installed for moving fragile cargo or when moving your loads in hostile weather conditions.

Use standard bicycle parts and basic tools.

You can move anything from groceries to a load of bricks with the versatile and sturdy DutchMan cargo bike, and it can be built by anyone using basic tools and components. Our DIY cargo bike plan shows you how to use the parts from a standard upright suspension bike in order to build your very own custom load carrying recumbent bike. There is plenty of room to modify the design from our original plan in order to create your own version of the Dutch style cargo bike.

Atomic Zombie shows you how to build the seat, too.

All of the components used are common bicycle parts that can be purchased from your local bike shop or salvaged from a working suspension bicycle. Square steel tubing is used in the frame for extended strength, and you will only need the most basic tools in order to build your own DIY cargo bike from our plans. Even the seat is made using basic materials, so the entire project can be done on a tight budget.

Take your cargo bike to the beach or camping.

The DutchMan cargo bike can carry just about anything you can fit in the cargo bay, and there is plenty of room for a battery pack and an electric assist motor to help you up any steep hills you may have to contend with. Pack up your camping gear and hit the trail, or start a cycle courier business - the possibilities are endless when you can move so much cargo under leg power and travel where gas powered vehicles cannot. You can build this DIY cargo bike for much less than the cost of renting a moving van for the day, and you get the satisfaction of doing it all from scratch.

Easily transport several hundred pounds of cargo.

Moving a few hundred pounds under leg power is easier then you might think, and it is certainly an environmentally conscious and healthy method of getting the job done. As gas prices and auto insurance continue to rise, human power is becoming a more sensible solution to the problem, especially in urban areas where parking is next to impossible or cost prohibitive. Our Atomic Zombie DIY recumbent cargo bike plan will help you move your cargo across town and have a good time doing it.

The Dutchman Full Suspension Cargo Bike