The EStyle Electric Freestyle BMX

Atomic Zombie’s EStyle BMX electric scooter-stunt bicycle.

The EStyle electric freestyle BMX is part electric scooter, part stunt bike, and pure fun! This DIY electric bike plan integrates an electric hubmotor kit with a sturdy BMX bike to create a fast and powerful human/electric hybrid bike that can take just about any abuse you can throw at it. Ride for an hour or more on a single battery charge at speeds close to city traffic and with enough power to blast up any hill without slowing down. The EStyle electric BMX is great on the road or off the road and includes working pedals, making it legal as an electric assist bicycle in most places.

EStyle has a removable battery pack for easy charging.

The electric battery pack is integrated into the custom frame in such a way as to almost make it invisible while riding, creating a stealthy electric vehicle that won’t attract unwanted attention. The battery pack is also removable, allowing it to be swapped for charging if you wanted more than one battery pack. Our DIY electric bike plan shows you how to modify the frame around your battery pack, and how to tailor the electric components to your own needs. Another nice feature is completely silent operation, so you can use this electric bike just about anywhere because unlike those gas powered bikes, this one will not disturb the peace any more than a regular BMX bicycle.

This electric BMX gets a workout in bike parks.

With the ESytle electric BMX, you can do anything that you would on a regular BMX bike, but with a lot less effort. Get across town in minutes and then bomb around the skate park, or take a scenic trek up a mountain road without even pedaling. Let the motor do all of the work. Our easy-to-follow Atomic Zombie DIY electric bike plan will help you build the perfect electric fun bike for camp, street riding, or for off road fun, and you can easily modify the design to suit your own needs.

This electric bike is quiet and designed for durability.

There is nothing like the feeling of electric power! Acceleration is much better than a gas powered bike of similar weight, and it will only cost pennies to charge up your battery bank for another few hours of fun. Depending on your hubmotor kit of choice, your electric bike can be designed for long range use, high speed use, or high torque fun, and the low maintenance electric motor will give you years of silent service. Your home built electric bike will certainly be a unique mode of transportation, and it will rival any departments store electric scooter in both top speed and acceleration.

EStyle uses standard bicycle parts.

This DIY electric bike is easy to ride because it handles like an ordinary bicycle, having the same brakes and cranks as well as seating position as the original bike used in the plan. The weight distribution is centered in the frame so that balance is predictable for stun riding or heavy off road usage. The EStyle BMX is also light enough to be lifted into a trunk or carried up a flight of stairs without much effort.

Electric bicycles are fun and efficient.

Anything you could do on a normal BMX can be done on the EStyle electric BMX with less effort under motor power. Using a 20 inch front wheel gives the hubmotor massive torque, so it is possible to pull a friend on a skateboard or tow another bike, even up a large hill. Pedaling will also greatly extend the run time to several hours, creating a human/electric hybrids vehicle that will cost only pennies a day to drive, and recharging is as simple as plugging in the charger cord to any AC outlet.

Your friends can join in the biking fun.

The electric hubmotor has plenty of power to blast up hills and over rough terrain, even with an extra passenger on board. Add a set of rear axle pegs and you can take your friend across town in half the normal time without ever breaking a sweat! This Atomic Zombie electric bike plan starts from the very basics, showing you how to convert just about any bike into a human/electric hybrid fun machine. You will only require the most basic tools and components. Have a blast under the power of the mighty electron!

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The EStyle Electric Freestyle BMX