The KidsBikes Multiple Vehicles For Kids

Choppers, trikes and electric bikes just for kids.

Atomic Zombie KidsBikes plan includes eight fun rides that you can build for your young DIY bike enthusiast. There are six choppers projects, a tadpole trike, and an electric delta trike included in this DIY bike and trike plan. All of the projects are easily built using scrap bicycle components and small lengths of steel tubing, and you can mix and match projects to create many new and interesting bikes and trikes for your young test pilot.

This kid sized tadpole trike is sturdy, rugged and stable.

Build a tadpole trike that is tough enough to withstand any outdoor use yet stable enough to be used on the basement floor during the winter months. The three wheeler rides like a go-cart, and is great fun for stunt track riding, and it also makes a good the young cyclist that is not ready for a two wheeler. Small kids’ bikes that can be used for parts can often be found for only a few dollars at yard sales and pawn shops.

We built this electric delta trike for a boy still using training wheels on his bike.

Build a fun electric delta trike that will run for hours off a single battery charge indoors or outdoors. A discarded electric standup scooter and a large gel battery create a zippy electric trike that can take any amount of abuse your young test pilot may throw at it. For just pennies per charge, your kids can stay entertained on this trike for hours at a time.

Use standard bike parts to make a cool chopper for youth.

The Wizard is a cool chopper that can be made from just about any BMX type frame, creating a laid back and retro style long fork chopper that is both easy and stable to ride. It is easy to modify any of these projects to create your own unique bikes and teach your young garage hacker how to mix creativity with the art of DIY.

Atomic Zombie’s AfterBurner chopper only took one day to build.

Modeled after the 1970’s chopper classic, the AfterBurner is an easy to build chop that mixes up a standard mountain bike frame with some scrap bicycle components to create a unique retro chopper. This chopper is great for wheelies, and handles much like a regular bicycle.

Kids love riding their own chopper bike!

Kool kids learn to ride a bike in style, and get to claim bragging rights for helping to build something from the ground up. Bike building is a hobby that can be enjoyed at any age, and offers a workout for the mind as well as the body.

Take an old kids’ bike and transform it into a cool custom chopper.

Recycle that unused bike into something new and exciting by merging it with whatever scrap bits and pieces you have laying around your metal junk pile. The possibilities are endless and the satisfaction your young builders will feel from creating something new is priceless.

Bike building is a great hobby for the entire family.

Work together on a fun bike project with your young inventor and before you know it they will be teaching you something new! Hands on experience is the only experience that counts in the real world. Creativity is an attitude that knows no age limits.

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The KidsBikes Multiple Vehicles For Kids