The KyotoCruiser Sociable Delta Trike

You can paint your KyotoCruiser trike any color you’d like.

The Atomic Zombie KyotoCruiser sociable delta trike is a unique tandem trike that places the riders beside each other. Being side-by-side means it is possible to have a normal conversation with your riding partner without yelling or turning your neck backwards, hence the term “sociable tandem”. The KyotoCruiser DIY tandem trike also includes a long list of features such as a fully independent transmission and dual adjustable bottom brackets.

The independent transmission system is a great feature.

Having a dual fully independent transmission system means that each rider can select their own gear and do as much as a little pedaling as desired without affecting the other rider. Steering and braking are under the control of only one rider, and it can be made to be on either side of the trike. Our DIY sociable trike plan is highly detailed, easy to follow and allows anyone with a basic set of tools and inexpensive components to create a high quality tandem trike.

Two adjustable bottom brackets and handlebars.

The adjustable bottom brackets allow the cranks to be positioned anywhere along the frame so that riders of any leg length can set up the pedals by making a simple adjustment. Both handlebars are also fully adjustable and because the pilot’s handlebars are above the seat and the passenger’s handlebars are under the seat, there is never an issue with elbow room. All shifting and braking is done by the controls on the pilot’s side, making it possible to ride the KyotoCruiser without a passenger.

Sociable tandem with electric assist hub motor.

It’s nice to be able to tour a country road and have a conversation with your partner or commute thought city traffic on a vehicle that takes its proper place on the road. Working as a team, fairly high speeds are possible, and the KyotoCruiser is highly stable and agile at any speed. The wide steering range allows this tandem trike to easily turn around on any city street or maneuver around traffic on a crowded city street.

Add a rear cargo box and bike safety features.

The KyotoCruiser sociable trike plan makes it easy to build your own tandem trike using easy to find components and minimal tools. There is only a single part that needs to be machined, and it can be done inexpensively at any machine shop. The frame is made from square steel tubing and all of the bicycle components can be purchase at your local bike shop or salvaged from discarded bikes. You can build your own DIY tandem trike for a fraction of the cost of a factory produced equivalent.

Dual recumbent seats are easy to make.

The recumbent seating position is not only comfortable, it is highly efficient as you can deliver your full energy into the cranks when it is needed. The padded seats make it easy to make those extended commutes across town while enjoying the company of your partner in the seat next to you. The robust frame on the KyotoCruiser can handle riders of just about any weight and there is plenty of room behind the seating area to install a large cargo box.

Electric hubmotor adds versatility to the outdoor riding experience.

With a front electric hubmotor installed on the KyotoCruiser, it becomes a viable option to replace the car or truck for most short distance errands or even a daily commute to work. By combining human input with electric assist power, your tandem trike can accelerate as fast as a car and keep up a constant speed that is impossible to do under human power alone. A medium sized battery pack can easy be placed behind the seating area and will double your pedaling power for hours at a time.

KyotoCruiser is an eco friendly alternative to gas guzzling vehicles.

Atomic Zombie’s tandem trike plan is easily modified to suit your own needs and the completed project would make an excellent base for a full faired velomobile. Everything from the rear hubs to the seats is detailed in our DIY plan, and you will only need basic tools and skills to complete this project from start to finish. The KyotoCruiser will easily pay for itself after a few months of getting exercise and leaving the car at home when you need to get groceries or run short distances around town.

Get some exercise and fresh air with this practical tandem trike.

The KyotoCruiser is a great way to enjoy the fresh air, good conversation and get that needed exercise while saving money at the same time. For the price of a few tanks worth of gas, you can build this great looking sociable tandem trike from our easy to follow Atomic Zombie DIY trike plans and make your travels under clean green human power.

The KyotoCruiser Sociable Delta Trike