The Marauder Long Wheelbase Recumbent Lowracer

Paint your lowracer any color you’d like.

The Atomic Zombie Marauder long wheelbase recumbent lowracer puts you in the pilot’s seat of an extremely laid back and low urban racing machine! This DIY lowracer is all about the speed, and with a suspended 26 inch rear end and linked steering, it will handle as well on the road as it does on the velo track, with the ability to maneuver much like a regular bicycle. Having a long wheelbase means that there will be no chain or crank interference with the front wheel, so you can enjoy riding in the city as well as on the racing track.

This recumbent is very low to the ground, built for speed.

With the laid back recumbent seating position and minimal frontal area, you can deliver your full force directly into the cranks and cheat the wind to gain that unfair advantage over your upright cycle riding friends. The 26 inch rear wheel allows for maximal high gearing so you can push your limits on the flats and reach all time personal speed records down those long hills. With a full range of 26 or more speeds, hill climbing is also well within reach of this DIY recumbent lowracer.

Unique steering design.

The Marauder lowracer includes fully linked steering that delivers a full range of turning ability and responsive steering that is well behaved at any speed. The Marauder handles well enough for single handed riding, and only takes a few days to get used to. Being so low and laid back is a new cycling experience that is more like piloting a two wheeled jet fighter than a bicycle. The Marauder has an appetite for speed that will work your legs muscles in ways that an upright cycle could not.

Marauder lowracer has underseat suspension.

This Atomic Zombie DIY lowracer plan shows you how to use commonly available and inexpensive bicycle components to carve out a one of a kind street racing machine that will perform as well as those exotic lowracers costing thousands of dollars. You will only need a basic set of tools and materials that can be found at any bicycle shop, and our easy to follow step by step plans will take you right through the entire build process with highly detailed photos and text.

A comfortable and lightweight lowracer design.

Your hand becomes the kickstand on a lowracer that is only inches from the ground! The handlebars are placed in a comfortable and aerodynamic position in front of the pilot for optimal steering range, leg clearance and use of the controls. Levers and shifters are commonly available bicycle components, and the Marauder can have 26 or more speeds available. Dual brakes offer plenty of stopping power, even when coming in for a landing at the bottom of a steep hill.

Marauder lowracer is built for speed.

The Marauder’s aerodynamic advantage can make a huge difference on your commute time or top speed, especially on a windy day when almost all of the pedaling effort would be thrown into the wind. The frontal area of the Marauder is only half of that on an upright bicycle, so you may find yourself way ahead of the pack once your recumbent leg muscles are adjusted to the new riding position.

Get exercise and enjoy the outdoors on your recumbent lowracer.

Being able to press your back into the seat while you push on the cranks means that all of your energy is delivered to the transmission system, so your acceleration and top speed can reach their full potentials. The workout offered by the Marauder is similar to a leg press, so your fitness level and strength will increase as you have a blast racing on the track or out in the street. Of course, the Marauder is also a smooth running recumbent bike for casual riding or a long distance commute.

Built your own recumbent lowracer with standard bike parts.

Exercise your creativity by building your own DIY lowracer from our plans and then push your fitness level and top speed to their maximum potential! The Marauder lowracer is also a perfect platform for experimenting with a partial or full fairing, which will give you an aerodynamic advantage that could easily propel you well beyond the speeds of city traffic. If you feel like pushing the limits on a lean mean racing machine, then this Atomic Zombie DIY plan is for you.

The Marauder Long Wheelbase Recumbent Lowracer