The OverKill Phat Ass Extreme Chopper

Atomic Zombie OverKill chopper is sick!

Our OverKill phat ass extreme chopper takes things way over the top with proportions that will leave most choppers hiding in the shadows. Everything about this radical DIY chopper is done with extreme overkill, right from the 15 inch wide rear tire to the 5 foot long extend forks. Choppers are all about attitude, and our OverKill chopper plan is screaming with pure outrageous attitude!

A spoked car rim gives this chopper attitude.

Yes, indeed, that is a car rim on the back of OverKill, fitted with a home built bicycle hub and then laced up with standard bicycle spokes. Even if you have never touched a bicycle wheel before, our DIY chopper plan will take you step by step through the easy process of merging a car wheel with a simple to build bicycle compatible hub. You can build this crazy chopper using practically any type of thin walled tubing such as electrical conduit. You will only need a basic welder and a typical $20 tube bender to make this cool chopper frame.

Check out the forks on this badboy.

The OverKill chopper has such radical proportions that you might think it was originally a street chopper with the engine removed! The unique DIY jackshaft transmission system makes it easy to pedal this monster chopper like a regular bicycle, and once you get rolling, the bike rides as smooth as any bike. Steering is stable, and with such a phat rear tire, you won’t even need a kickstand.

Use standard bike parts and basic tools to build your chopper bike.

You can turn any old steel car rim and tire into this unbelievable bicycle wheel that has no competition from any of the mass produced phat ass style choppers. Our DIY chopper plan leaves plenty of room for customizations, so you can convert any size or diameter of car rim that you can find, even a dragster mag would work. Actually, you can alter every single dimension and curve on this project and carve out your own unique radical design by following the basic plan.

You can build your own OverKill chopper in a few days or less.

There is not one single machined part on this radical chopper, and almost everything you need can be found in your bicycle scrap pile or at the metal scrap yard. You can build a similar phat wheel chopper for next to nothing in a few days using only the most basic tools and materials.

The youngsters love choppers.

So, how does a chopper bicycle ride with a 50 pound rear wheel you ask? Well, it rides like…a chopper! If you want to get across town with minimal effort than take the car, man! Ok, seriously. OverKill rides fairly well, considering its sheer size and weight. As long as you aren’t intending to ride up a massive hill, you can cruise around with minimal effort.

Ride with serious attitude and style.

When you roll up at the next chopper meet riding on a 15 inch wide car tire, you will certainly have no equal, and your place ahead of the pack will be mandatory. Add your bling to our Atomic Zombie DIY chopper plan and dominate the next bike show, leaving those skinny wheel chops far behind. It’s our opinion that if you are going to build a bike that makes a statement, then make that statement screaming as loud as you can!

Make a statement and build your own phat chopper bike.

Let’s face it - a real chopper cannot be produced on an assembly line, and nothing that comes with a 6 digit serial number stamped on the frame deserves the term custom! If you want to take back the streets and put these mass produced chopper wanabees in their place, then build your own insane chopper that oozes with crazy custom attitude!

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The OverKill Phat Ass Extreme Chopper