The SilentSpeedster Silent Electric Scooter

SilentSpeedster e-scooter is quiet and clean.

The SilentSpeedster electric scooter is a durable high quality electric scooter than you can build from our easy-to-follow plans. As the name implies, the SilentSpeedster can zoom along at a moderate speed making no noise or spewing pollution. Because this DIY electric scooter is base on a direct drive bicycle hubmotor kit, it will offer years of trouble free service with very high efficiency and hill climbing ability.

An electric scooter built with common bike components.

The SilentSpeedster uses a commonly available bicycle hubmotor kit and a larger battery bank made up of gel batteries that are available at a departments store to create a long range vehicle that will only cost pennies between recharges. The classic step thought frame design places the bulk of the weight below the axles, creating a very smooth riding and stable electric scooter that rides great at any speed.

Hub motor kit and a series of gel batteries power this scooter.

The SilentSpeedster can be built using 20 inch wheels for extreme hill climbing ability or with 26 inch wheels that will extend the top speed up to city traffic limits. In fact, every aspect of our easy to follow DIY electric scooter plan is easy to customize so that you can tailor the scooter to your needs or use the parts you already have available.

A quiet and quick electric bike in the great outdoors.

The SilentSpeedster is a smooth runner on the city streets and highly capable on the back trails thanks to the silent running high torque electric hubmotor. Because the motor is actually built right into the wheel, there is no gear or chain drive transmission, so the only sound you hear is the wind past your ears and the natural sounds of the environment around you. This DIY scooter is the perfect way to enjoy a motorized bicycle in areas where noise levels are tightly controlled and when you do not want to disturb those around you.

Riding an electric scooter is easy.

The SilentSpeedster handles like any bicycle, with brake levers and the electric throttle mounted on the handlebars for easy access. Learning to ride this silent DIY scooter is as easy as jumping on and pushing on the variable electric throttle to get moving. All hubmotor kits come with everything you need, so you only need to build the simple frame and removable battery pack in order to create your own unique electric vehicle.

Electric bikes are great for enjoying the outdoors.

Enjoy a two hour country tour or zip across town, keeping up with city traffic between lights on your own home built electric scooter. The easy to build square tube frame allows much room for modifications, so you can add your own ideas to the original plan and create a completely unique electric ride that will suit your needs.

The SilentSpeedster is fast and reliable.

There is nothing as fun as the zippy torque and speed of a silent running electric scooter. Plug in your battery bank and then travel great distances for only pennies a charge, keeping up to city traffic as you effortlessly glide past non electric bicycles. The SilentSpeedster is a high quality long range electric scooter that you can build for minimal cost from Atomic Zombie’s detailed DIY plans.

The SilentSpeedster Silent Electric Scooter