The SpinCycle Extreme 360 Stunt Trike

This SpinCycle extreme stunt trike was featured at the Telus World of Science.

Atomic Zombie’s SpinCycle extreme 360 stunt trike gives you a radical experience that is like a cross between a carnival ride and a racing bike. You will experience intense g-force as you rocket into a multiple 360 degree spin from an all out sprint, rotating around on the unique triple wheel steering system. Our DIY stunt trike plan will show you how to build this one of a kind stunt trike using basic tools and commonly available bicycle components on a shoestring budget.

Spinning action and hours of fun.

The SpinCycle is a front wheel drive delta trike lowracer that steers on all three wheels, allowing for 360 degree spins and amazing t-slides at the flick of the wrist. Although it may look like you are completely out of control, you actually have total control over the angle and rotation as you steer and lean on the SpinCycle stunt trike. Brakes are provided by a front coaster hub, so you just pedal backwards to slow down or stop.

The design can be altered for younger riders.

The SpinCycle DIY stunt trike will fit most riders and can be built using a smaller front wheel for younger stunt pilots, and all of the components needed can be salvaged from a basic kids BMX bike. The frame is made of mild steel square tubing, and all of the critical performance angles are easy to cut by following our detailed step by step plan. All you need is an angle grinder and a welder in order to create your own home built stunt trike.

Standard bike parts and basic tools needed to build this fun trike.

The SpinCycle 360 degree trike provides hours of entertainment for all ages, and if you build a pair of SpinCycles, amazing stunt riding competitions can be played. Add a few obstacles into the mix or a soccer ball, and you can create all kinds of crazy intense stunt riding games that will leave you exhausted from laughing and pedaling. Who said riding a bicycle can’t be made into a contact sport!?

Crank and spin, that’s the fun of SpinCycle.

Pedal as fast as you can to gain speed and then flip the handlebars to throw the SpinCycle into a full high speed 360 degree rotation. Once you become more skilled on this amazing stunt trike, you will be able to rotate around non-stop or until your appetite for motion sickness is satisfied! Some of our creative bike builders have even mounted full sized wheels to the rear of the SpinCycle to turn it onto a street worthy lowracer delta trike. There is always plenty of room for creative modifications of your own in our easy to follow DIY bike plans.

A stunt trike that appeals to all ages.

If you can take the non-stop attack of intense g-forces and the onslaught of dizzying 360 degree rotations, then this is the crazy ride for you! You can build your own stunt trike in a few days and set out to begin your own astronaut training in a parking lot near you. The SpinCycle is a unique wild and crazy stunt trike that will offer hours of entertainment for adrenaline junkies of all ages.

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The SpinCycle Extreme 360 Stunt Trike