The Spirit Short Wheelbase Racing Bike

This recumbent racer has speed.

The Atomic Zombie Spirit short wheelbase recumbent racing bike is a lightweight and speedy recumbent bicycle with great handling characteristics and a comfortable seat for those extended tours. With responsive steering and a moderately elevated seat height, the Spirit recumbent bicycle is perfect for the busy city streets as well as those relaxing country rides. You will be able to build your own high quality short wheelbase bike from our easy to follow plans using the most basic tools and materials.

Spirit recumbent is lightweight.

The Spirit recumbent short wheelbase looks and rides as good as any factory built bike, and it is on par for weight and durability. About the only thing missing from this great recumbent bike is the inflated price tag because you can build it yourself for less than the cost of a basic hardware store bicycle. Our easy- to-follow, detailed DIY bike plan shows you every single step of the build process with high detailed photos and clear precise text, leaving nothing to guesswork.

A safe, practical bike design with adjustable features.

The Spirit DIY recumbent bicycle has all of the features you would expect from a professionally built bike such as: rear disc brakes, adjustable handlebars and a fully adjustable bottom bracket so that rides of any leg length can set up the proper crank position by making a simple adjustment. The Spirit recumbent bike has no chain or crank interference with the front wheel, so it is a safe and easy to ride bike that handles well on crowded city streets.

Climb hills with ease on your own Spirit recumbent.

Every single part on this ultra stylish recumbent short wheelbase bike is shown in great detail so that you can build your own recumbent bike and enjoy human powered transportation the way it was meant to be enjoyed. The 26 inch rear wheel and full set of 26 or more speeds make the Spirit a great racing bike as well as a good hill climber, so you can take on whatever terrain lies ahead in stride.

Beginners will master recumbent riding in minutes.

Learning to ride the Spirit recumbent bike is easy for anyone as the seat height allows both feet to be planted on the ground while stopped and when stating. The optimally positioned handlebars allow plenty of leg clearance and offer easy access to all of the controls. Because the cranks are much higher from the ground than on a regular bicycle, you can hit those corners at full speed and keep delivering your energy to the pedals without any risk of a pedal strike on the road.

Designed for speed and comfort.

This DIY recumbent short wheelbase bike rides a good as it looks, and you may have a difficult time convincing your riding buddies that you actually built it yourself. Of course, having an aerodynamic advantage in the wind and being able to push your full effort into the cranks means that your riding buddies will only see the back end of your new ride! You will no long be restricted from riding into corners at full speed and you can press your back deep into the seat for an incredible burst of acceleration and power.

Seat height equals greater visibility in traffic.

The recumbent seating position offers several advantages such as extreme comfort, full back support, optimal energy transfer to the cranks, better aerodynamics and the ability to look straight ahead without straining your neck. Sitting at eye level to auto traffic will make the Spirit recumbent a great city traveler and having such a comfortable seat means that you can make that extended commute without the pains associated with an upright bicycle seat.

You’ll be comfortable riding Spirit in no time..

Push your legs to the absolute limit and work you muscles in all new ways as you set new speed records on your sporty DIY recumbent bike. For extreme high speed performance, you can fit the Spirit with a set of aerodynamic wheel covers and a rear tail box in order to slip through the air with minimal effort. For that extra cargo capacity, a set of panniers or a rear cargo box can be easily adapted to the frame behind the seat.

Build Spirit recumbent on a shoestring budget..

You can finally own your own top quality short wheelbase recumbent bike without breaking your budget. For only a fraction of the cost of an equal factory produced bike, you can carve out your very own DIY recumbent bike by following Atomic Zombie’s highly detailed and easy-to-follow recumbent bike plan.

The Spirit Short Wheelbase Racing Bike