The StreetFighter Recumbent Racing QuadCycle

StreetFighter quadcycle is designed for speed and comfort.

The Atomic Zombie StreetFighter recumbent racing quadcycle is part bike, part exercise machine, part racing go cart, and pure fun! Sitting mere inches from the ground, you can bomb down the street and rocket around corners at speeds only limited by your human powered engine. The engineered steering system handles amazingly well at any speed and the low center of gravity will make it almost impossible to tip this stealthy DIY racing quadcycle.

BMX wheels add durability to this quadcycle.

Using commonly available and inexpensive BMX wheels, the StreetFighter racing quad will last a lifetime and take any amount of abuse you can put it though. The easy-to-build and robust frame will support riders of most weights, and the square steel tubing can be found at most metal suppliers. There is only a single machined part on this quadcycle, and it can be made for minimal cost at any machine shop or on a small hobby lathe. This DIY quad bike is easy enough for anyone with minimal tools and skills to build by following our highly detailed quad bike plans.

Standard bicycle components, recumbent seat and sturdy frame.

The StreetFighter quadcycle cockpit includes a laid back and comfortable seat and a linked steering system that places the handlebars in the optimal position for both leg clearance and range of steering. The StreetFighter offers predictable and responsive steering at any speed so you can race the urban track as well as the cycle path. All shifters and levers are standard bicycle components that can be purchase at any bike shop or salvaged from another bicycle.

Rear transmission, dual disc brakes and hubs make this quadcycle very unique.

The indestructible rear transmission system includes a full range of 26 or more speeds as well as dual disc brakes so you can come in for a landing after flying down a hill or blasting along that straight stretch at full bore. Even the rear hubs are easily made using nothing more than a hand held drill and a few dollars worth or metal, so you can build your own racing quad for minimal cost using only basic tools and materials.

Adjustable bottom bracket suits riders of varying leg length.

The bottom bracket on the StreetFighter quadcycle is fully adjustable so that riders of any leg length can easily adjust the cranks to their perfect position along the main fame boom. Every aspect of our DIY quad bike plan can also be modified so that you can create your own DIY racing quad to suit your own style and needs. By following our quad bike plans, you can add your own creative ideas to the design and build a completely unique racing quadcycle.

This quadcycle delivers speed.

The low and laid back recumbent seating position means that you can deliver your entire energy directly to the cranks, pressing your back deep into the seat. With 26 or more speeds to choose from, you can hit your top speed or drop into ultra low gear and climb any hill with minimal effort. For those long relaxing rides, you will enjoy the comfortable recumbent seating position that allows you to enjoy the view without having to strain your neck.

StreetFighter can be converted to an electric vehicle.

The StreetFighter will make a great experimental platform for a small gas or electric motor and can easily be adapted for a partial or full body. Use our DIY quadbike plan to create a street worthy fully faired velomobile, or a fast gas/human hybrid that can keep up with city traffic.

You can build your own recumbent quadcycle with basic tools and parts.

If you have been looking for a way to get an amazing workout while at the same time enjoying the great outdoors and the thrill of racing, the our StreetFighter DIY racing quadcycle is the perfect plan for you. Atomic Zombie plans include highly detailed explanations and clear photos that detail every single part of the project, allowing anyone with only basic tools and skills to create a recumbent quadcycle from commonly available components and materials.

The StreetFighter Recumbent Racing QuadCycle