The StreetFox Suspension Tadpole Trike

StreetFox tadpole trike suits any color.

The Atomic Zombie StreetFox suspension tadpole trike is a comfortable smooth riding tadpole trike that can be built using only minimal tools and commonly available bicycle components. This great handling DIY tadpole trike includes a rear suspension, 26 or more speeds, all wheel brakes, and adjustable bottom bracket, and a 26 inch rear wheel for optimal handling and range of speed.

Features include suspension and adjustable bottom bracket.

Having an adjustable bottom bracket, the StreetFox allows riders of any leg length to easily set up the cranks to their optimal position by making a simple adjustment. Our responsive steering system has been designed using only commonly available bicycle components, so you will not have to search for any expensive or exotic hub components in order to build your own tadpole trike. In fact, every part of our DIY recumbent trike can be built by anyone with the most basic hand tools and bicycle components that can be found at any bike shop for minimal cost.

This low recumbent racer is sleek and fast.

The rear suspension system is built using parts taken from any 26 inch suspension bicycle, giving the StreetFox an extremely smooth and stable ride. Having 48 spoke BMX wheels in the front means that this DIY tadpole trike can carry riders of any weight and handle the corners at any speed. Dual front wheel braking plus an optional rear brake gives the StreetFox plenty of stopping power so you can take those long hills at full speed.

Enjoy the great outdoors on your own home built StreetFox tadpole trike.

The laid back and comfortable recumbent seating position makes those long journeys so much more enjoyable and you can take in the scenery without having to strain your neck. Press back into the seat and deliver your full energy directly to the cranks for a high speed sprint or to get up that huge hill in one of the low gears. Our DIY tadpole trike plan will show you how to build your own tadpole trike for a fraction of the cost of a factory made equivalent.

Tadpole trikes are practical and give a great workout.

The steering system on the StreetFox tadpole trike is designed with performance and simplicity in mind so that you can build this trike from the ground up, even without any previous DIY bike building experience. Even the seat is home built using the most basic tools and materials, so you won’t have to spend a fortune to own a smooth riding recumbent trike.

Lightweight frame is easy to transport and store.

The 26 speed bicycle transmission also uses commonly available parts that can be purchased form a bike shop or taken from another bicycle, and you can work with the components you already have on hand. The StreetFox frame is lightweight and strong, made of thin walled steel tubing, so you can load up the trike with cargo or add a motor to the rear wheel. Our recumbent trike plans include step-by-step instructions using highly detailed photos and clear text so that no step is left out.

Riding a recumbent tadpole trike is easy.

Zip across town with a java in one hand or take that extended country tour in pure comfort on your own home built recumbent tadpole trike. There is no learning curve on a three wheeler, and you won’t even have to put your feet down at the intersection - it’s like riding a bike form your favorite reclining seat. The StreetFox is great for city riding as well thanks to the very small turning radius and responsive steering system.

Building your own tadpole trike isn’t as hard as you might think.

Get out and enjoy pedal power the way it was intended to be enjoyed - on a comfortable home built recumbent tadpole trike. You can take in the scenery on a sporty trike that you can build from scratch using our easy to follow DIY trike plans. The Atomic Zombie StreetFox recumbent tadpole trike can be built using only basic tools and inexpensive parts by anyone with a desire to create.

The StreetFox Suspension Tadpole Trike