The TimberWolf Suspension Delta Trike

TimberWolf cargo trike in multiple colors

The TimberWolf suspension delta trike is the perfect multi-purpose recumbent trike for just about any kind of riding. With a laid back recumbent seating position, smooth running rear suspension, a full range of gears and a rear cargo area, the TimberWolf can get you across town with a load of groceries or take you out camping, with all of your gear on board.

This delta trike features an adjustable bottom bracket and underseat steering.

Our AtomicZombie DIY delta trike plan will show you how to build your own sporty utility trike using only the most basic tools and inexpensive bicycle components so you can create a factory quality trike for only a fraction of the cost of new. The TimberWolf delta trike includes many great features such as an adjustable bottom bracket, rear suspension, under seat steering, and full size 26 inch rear wheels.

TimberWolf has a full range of gears for speed and hill climbing.

Full size 26 inch wheels means that the TimberWolf will ride with minimal rolling resistance and offer a full range of gears for going fast as well as for climbing hills. The TimberWolf offers a full range of 26 or more speeds and utilizes only standard bicycle components in the transmission system. There is only a single machined part on the entire trike, and it is a simple part that any machine shop can make for minimal cost.

Underseat steering and front and rear brakes.

The comfortable under seat steering system places the handlebars in a relaxed position that offers a full steering range and easy use of the levers and shifters. The TimberWolf trike plan includes a front caliper brake and a rear disc brake so you can take those steep hills with a load of heavy cargo and feel confident with your stopping power. All of the brake and transmission components can be purchased at a bicycle shop or taken from another standard bicycle.

Cargo box has suspension and can be removable.

The rear cargo area can adapt to just about any type of load carrying, such as an insulated cooler, wood box, or flat bed. The cargo box is placed over the rear swingarm so that it gets the full benefit of a smooth ride provided by the rear suspension system. The DeltaWolf recumbent trike can easily carry an extra 100 pounds in the cargo area with minimal effort.

Riders of varying heights can ride thanks to adjustable bottom bracket and handlebars.

Our DIY cargo trike includes a design that allows the bottom bracket to be positioned anywhere along the frame so that the cranks can be optimally adjusted to anyone’s leg length. The handlebars are also fully adjustable, and our trike plan leaves plenty of room for customization so you can alter the original design to suit your own needs.

Modify the plan to suit your own needs and style.

Carry your groceries or fragile cargo in the cargo box without any risk of damage thanks to the smooth rolling 26 inch wheels and rear suspension system. The rear of the TimberWolf trike is easily modified to become wider or longer, so you can greatly increase the cargo bay area by making a few simple design changes to the original plan.

Add an electric assist motor for extended journeys.

The TimberWolf recumbent delta trike would make a great extended range commuter with the addition of a battery pack and an electric front hubmotor, which will almost double your speed using clean and inexpensive electric power. Add a full or partial fairing and you can turn the TimberWolf into your own DIY velomobile and leave your car parked in the driveway more often. Work your legs, save your cash, and build your own all-purpose recumbent delta trike from Atomic Zombie plans.

The TimberWolf Suspension Delta Trike