The TomaHawk Short Wheelbase Recumbent Lowracer

TomaHawk SWB recumbent looks great in any color.

The TomaHawk short wheelbase recumbent lowracer is an all out street or track racing speed machine. The ultra laid back recumbent seating position is designed for optimal power transfer and increased aerodynamics, giving this lightweight DIY lowracer a serious advantage over a regular upright bicycle. The TomaHawk lowracer can be built by anyone using basic tools and materials and it will cost you only a fraction of the cost of an equivalent quality factory racing machine.

You can build your own recumbent lowracer on a shoestring budget.

Atomic Zombie’s DIY lowracer has all of the features that you would want in a street racing machine: read disc brake, two 6 inch rear wheel 26 or more speeds, an adjustable bottom bracket, and no crank or chain interference with the front wheel. The TomaHawk can rip up the velo track, yet handle perfectly for city street racing or commuting, making it a very versatile DIY recumbent lowracer.

Reclining seat for aerodynamic performance.

The laid back and comfortable recumbent seating position reduces your front area greatly, giving you a serious aerodynamic advantage in the wind or on those high speed sprints. You can also deliver your full leg power directly to the cranks by pressing your back into the seat, giving you a major acceleration advantage over an upright bicycle. The 26 inch rear wheel allows for maximum top speed and minimal rolling resistance, especially when using high pressure racing tires.

Adjustable bottom bracket for varying leg lengths.

Being able to move the bottom bracket along the frame boom means that the cranks can be set up to the optimal leg length of any rider by making only a simple adjustment. The TomaHawk DIY lowracer has been designed to be a safe street racing bike as well, so there will be no hard crank or pedal strike on the front wheel when steering, so you can maneuver without issues in city traffic. Starting and stopping are also easy because you can plant one or both feet on the ground easily when parked.

Overseat steering and high cranks.

Attack those sharp corners at full speed, and keep on driving your energy into the cranks without any risk of a pedal strike on the road thanks to the elevated bottom bracket. The over seat steering system is designed for maximal range of steering and leaves plenty of leg clearance while at the same time keeping the arms in an aerodynamic position. All of the levers and shifters are mounted on the handlebars just as they are on a regular bicycle, so there is very little learning curve when starting out on this DIY recumbent short wheelbase lowracer.

TomaHawk SWB is lightweight and fast.

With 26 or more gears to choose from, you will be able to push your speed limits on the straight stretch, or drop down into low gear and spin up that huge hill, working your legs in ways you never thought possible. The highly efficient rear disc brake and front caliper brake will let you push the envelope down that steep hill and come in for a safe landing at the bottom. Of course, the laid back recumbent seat is also quite comfortable, so the TomaHawk recumbent bike would also take you on that extended commute, allowing you to enjoy the scenery ahead without straining your neck.

Parts from recycled bikes and some square steel tubing.

The TomaHawk frame is made from square steel tubing and every single part on the bike can be purchased at a bicycle shop or taken from another working bicycle. There are no machined parts used, and anyone can build this DIY speed bike using only basic skills and tools that can be found at any hardware store. For only a fraction of the cost of new, you can build your own custom recumbent lowracer that handles as good as the best factory produced lowracers available.

Push yourself to the limits on a home-grown recumbent lowracer!

If you have been looking for a way to push yourself to the limits and take your cycling to all new heights, then our Atomic Zombie TomaHawk DIY recumbent lowracer plan is for you. You can build this amazing lowracer in a few days using basic tools and materials and then leave the pack in the dust as you cut through the wind and build those recumbent leg muscles to their maximum potential. Getting from point A to point B has never been more fun, and now you can do it in record time on your own home build recumbent lowracer.

The TomaHawk Short Wheelbase Recumbent Lowracer