The TradeWinds Recumbent Tandem Bike

A lightweight recumbent tandem trike.

The Atomic Zombie TradeWinds recumbent tandem bike mixes a short wheelbase recumbent bike with a long wheelbase recumbent bike to create a compact and speedy tandem recumbent bike that is both fun and efficient to ride. You can build this sporty DIY tandem recumbent bike using our easy-to-follow plan.

A simple, yet fully functional design that anyone can build.

The front of the TradeWinds tandem is much like an under seat steering recumbent short wheelbase bike, with a moderate seat height and a synchronous transmission system that is free from chain and pedal interference with the front wheel. The pilot controls all shifting and braking, so a single rider can also use this DIY recumbent tandem bike.

Underseat steering.

All levers and shifters are commonly available bicycle components, and the under seat steering offers plenty of steering motion as well as a comfortable grip on the handlebars. The chain is routed around the front wheel so that there is no interference with the tire edge, and all of the components needed to complete the transmission can be salvaged from a regular bicycle or purchased new at any bicycle shop.

A 26 inch rear wheel and at least 8 speeds.

The rear of the TradeWinds tandem bike feels much the same as the front, but places the stoker’s cranks slightly lower to keep the wheelbase as compact as possible overall. The transmission system offers 8 or more speeds and includes a 26 inch rear wheel for optimal speed and minimal rolling resistance.

Fully supported seat design.

The relaxed and comfortable recumbent seating position allows for a painless extended commute and lets both riders enjoy the scenery without having to strain to look forward. Having a full back support also allows the riders to push their energy directly into the cranks to deliver that needed boost of power to sprint or climb hills efficiently.

Riding a tandem recumbent is fun.

Learning to ride our DIY recumbent tandem is easy and you will find the efficiency of two sets of legs working a single bike to be extremely good for sprinting and hill climbing. There is plenty of room for modification in our DIY bike plans, so you can alter the original design and create something unique using the parts you have available.

Build your own tandem recumbent bike for a fraction of factory built ones.

Enjoy a fun team effort ride on our Atomic Zombie easy-to-build DIY recumbent tandem bike plan, and create something using minimal tools and inexpensive components. Every single step is shown in high detail using many photos and clear text, so you can create your own recumbent tandem bike in minimal time using inexpensive bicycle components. Enjoy the fresh air with your partner on a fun to ride and fast tandem recumbent bike.

The TradeWinds Recumbent Tandem Bike