The TriCruiser Winter Ready Tadpole Trike

You can ride the TriCruiser in the winter.

The TriCruiser winter ready tadpole trike is an easy-to-build recumbent trike that includes rear suspension and under seat steering. The moderate seat height and mountain bike wheels make this long wheelbase tadpole trike a great all-winter vehicle.

Build the TriCruiser with standard bike parts.

This DIY recumbent tadpole trike uses only standard bicycle components, so the front steering system is easy to build using inexpensive parts. The TriCruiser is basically a two-headed mountain bike, so it cannot fall over on slipper ground, making it good winter riding trike to help you keep in shape all year.

Underseat steering recumbent trike.

The front steering system uses standard bicycle head tubes and forks and is linked in such a way as to steer like a regular bicycle with minimal resistance and predictable control. The handlebars are placed under the seat for a relaxed grip and easy access to the levers and shifters.

Hack standard mountain bikes into a rugged suspension trike.

Atomic Zombie’s DIY all-weather trike plan shows you how to convert a standard upright mountain bike into a rugged three wheeler that can ride over ice and snow. The rear suspension system will smooth out the ride, so you can drive on or off the road in comfort.

Tackle any terrain on three wheels.

If you have been looking for a way to keep your legs fit during the winter season, then this trike will allow you to exercise outdoors and tackle the seasons that are normally off limits to a two wheeled bicycle. Atomic Zombie’s easy-to-follow trike plan will show you every step with many high resolution photos and clear text so you can build your own winter ready trike for minimal cost.

The TriCruiser Winter Ready Tadpole Trike