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Figure 1

This basic tutorial will demonstrate the disassembly of a typical multi-speed rear wheel that includes a Shimano type threaded freewheel. This type of freewheel and steel hub are often used when creating a custom bike or trike because you can easily modify the hub and adapt the freewheel to an axle. Shimano type freewheels are easy to identify because they have an inner spline, which you will see through in this tutorial.

Figure 2

To completely disassemble a wheel into its individual components, you will need several basic tools and one custom tool. Two wrenches will be needed in order to release the cone nuts or the hub nuts from a slightly rusted axle: one to hold the axle from spinning and the other to loosen the nuts. You can also purchase a cone wrench that will allow you to grip the small collar on the cone nut and remove the locking nut on the same side of the axle.

The other tool is a custom made freehub spline tool that was made by filing down a bolt to fit snugly into the freehub spline in order to turn it. The bolt is welded to a steel arm or rod to gain leverage (I used an old steel bicycle crank). You can also purchase a freehub spline tool at a bicycle shop, but the homebuilt tool works just as well.

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