Build a Short And Tall Unicycle

Build your own direct drive unicycle

Build your own Short Unicycle with our DIY unicycle plans!

Challenge both your building skills as well as your balance skills with this robust direct drive unicycle. The frame can be easily made by hand using only mild steel tubing and standard bicycle components, even the axle. This fun to ride unicycle is a great beginner’s unicycle as it can take any abuse, and will last for a long time with little or no maintenance.

Riding a unicycle is both challenging and fun.

You can build your own unicycle using any size wheel and customize the look and feel to suit your style. You will only require the most basic tools such as an angle grinder, welder and a hand held drill to turn a few dollars worth of steel into a high quality unicycle. Even the seat can be made using the most basic materials, so you will be able to do it yourself on a minimal budget.

Our DIY Unicycle is made for comfort and durability.

Riding a unicycle is a great workout for both your legs and your agility, and you can ride a short unicycle virtually anyplace, even off the road if you have the skills. Using a large 26 inch mountain bike wheel and tire makes the unicycle easier to ride and much more comfortable for longer distances, so you can ride as far and as long as your skills will let you. Learning to ride a unicycle is as much fan as building one.

Step up to the sadle on your own Giraffe Unicycle.

Build your own Giraffe Unicycle with our DIY unicycle plans!

If you are up to the challenge, then climb up into the saddle of this stylish Giraffe Unicycle and push your skills to the limits. This quality DIY tall unicycle is surprisingly easy to build, needing only a few feet of steel tubing and some commonly available bicycle components. For only a few dollars, you can build sturdy Giraffe Unicycle that looks and rides as well as a factory made unicycle.

Push your ballancing skills to the limits.

Learning to pilot a Giraffe Unicycle to impress your friends is both fun and exhilarating. Surprisingly, riding a 5 or 6 foot tall unicycles is actually easier than riding a short direct drive unicycle once you have the basic skills. If you really want to challenge your abilities to the limit, you can even learn to mount the Giraffe Unicycle right from the ground, making it appear as if you are defying the laws of gravity.

Build your own cool DIY unicycle!

If you have been thinking that two wheels may be one wheel too many, then perhaps it's time to consider building your own fun to ride DIY unicycle. The AtomicZombie unicycle plan will guide you through every single step of the build process, right from the wheels to the seat, so that you can create your very own high quality one wheeled wonders. Are you up to the challenge?

Build a Short And Tall Unicycle