The Viking Recumbent Tandem Tadpole Trike

Paint your Viking recumbent any color that suits your style.

The Atomic Zombie Viking recumbent tandem tadpole trike is a versatile tandem trike that you can build from our easy-to-follow DIY plans. With dual disc brakes, an independent transmission, underseat steering, and fully adjustable cranks, this amazing tandem trike will perform as well or better than an equivalent factory produced trike that can be quite expensive.

Viking tandem features independent transmission systems.

The Viking tandem tadpole trike is designed for comfort, durability, and smooth handling, so you can hit the trails or commute in traffic with your riding partner. Having 36 or more speeds and a 20 inch rear wheel means that you can work together to achieve a decent top speed or easily conquer that steep hill. Dual front disc brakes and a rear caliper brake give the Viking tandem trike great stopping power for a safe city ride.

Dual front disc and rear caliper brakes.

Our DIY tandem tadpole trike plan will guide you step-by-step through the entire build process with high resolution photos and text that detail every step of the build. You will only require basic tools and components. Not one part on this tandem trike is machined. Most of the parts can be purchased at any bicycle shop or salvaged from another bicycle.

Made from standard bicycle parts and steel tubing.

The underseat steering system places all of the controls at a comfortable position and offers a full range of steering motion, giving the Viking tandem trike the ability to turn around on an city street. The dual front disc brakes offer amazing smooth stopping power so you can push your limits down that huge hill and then come to a stop at the bottom with ease. All of the levers and shifters are standard bicycle components that can be salvaged from another bicycle or purchased new from a bicycle shop.

Both bottom brackets are adjustable to suit riders with varying leg lengths.

Dual adjustable bottom brackets means that the cranks can be positioned along on the main frame boom so that riders of varying leg lengths can set up the cranks to their optimal position. The independent transmission allows one rider to stop pedaling without affecting the other. The pilot is in control over the full range of 26 or more speeds.

Robust and rugged frame design.

The robust tandem trike frame can be easily built using only basic tools and materials, and it can carry riders of varying weights. The Viking DIY tandem trike will also handle trails and back country roads, as well as pavement, so you can enjoy a country tour with your riding partner on a reliable recumbent trike.

You can build your own Viking tandem trike on a shoestring budget.

The comfortable recumbent seats offer full back support and allow the most efficient transfer of power to the cranks possible. Having two sets of legs powering a single vehicle makes for a very efficient mode of transportation with the capability to tackle hills of any size. The rear 20 inch wheel offers maximum climbing power in low gear, so the Viking tandem trike can tackle most terrains with ease.

Modify the Viking design to suit your own needs and style.

The Viking tandem tadpole trike is definitely made for two people, but can be driven by a single rider since all of the controls are placed on the pilot’s handlebars. There is plenty of room in our DIY tandem tadpole trike plan for your own design modifications as well, so you can easily alter the design to add your own custom ideas and create a unique vehicle to suit your own needs.

The Viking looks good at every angle.

If you have been looking for a fun and comfortable way for you and your riding partner to get out and enjoy the open road, then our DIY tandem trike plan is just what you need. Atomic Zombie plans are designed so that anyone with basic skills and tools can follow along and finish the build, keeping costs to a minimum. For only a fraction of the cost of a factory produced trike, you can build your own high quality recumbent tandem tadpole trike.

The Viking Recumbent Tandem Tadpole Trike