The Voyageur Long Wheelbase Recumbent Bike

Voyageur LWB touring recumbent.

Atomic Zombie’s Voyageur long wheelbase recumbent bike is a very easy-to-build long wheelbase cruising bike that includes rear suspension and under seat steering. This DIY long wheelbase recumbent bike is a smooth ride for the long commute across town of for that relaxing country tour.

Rear suspension and underseat steering.

Using only inexpensive and standard bicycle components, the Voyageur DIY recumbent bike can be built in a few days using only the most basic tools and materials. Most of the components can be taken from a working suspension bike or purchased new at any bicycle shop. The frame is built from thin walled steel square tubing, and either round or square tubing can be used.

Steel frame and 26 inch rear tire.

The under seat steering places the handlebars in a relaxed position that allows for optimal steering and working of the levers and shifters. The Voyageur offers 26 or more speeds and uses a 26 inch rear wheel for low rolling resistance and maximum speed in high gear. All transmission parts are basic bicycle components that can be salvaged form an upright bicycle.

Basic bicycle parts and steel conduit frame.

This open concept recumbent with underseat steering means that you can enjoy a long relaxing tour without straining your neck or back. The recumbent position is very comfortable and allows for maximum energy transfer between your legs and the cranks, so you can push up your top speeds and spin up that steep hill with maximum efficiency.

Riding a recumbent bicycle is comfortable and easy.

Learning to ride a long wheelbase recumbent is very easy - just push on the cranks and away you go. The steering is both predictable and stable, so you can enjoy a trail ride, or zip around in the city in busy traffic. Dual caliper brakes offer great stopping power, and the rear suspension will take out any of the bumps on the road or off the road for a very comfortable ride.

You can build your own recumbent bike in a weekend.

If you have been looking for a DIY recumbent bike that is both easy to build and easy to ride, then Atomic Zombie’s Voyageur recumbent bike plan is a great place to start. You can convert a working suspension bicycle into your own DIY long wheelbase recumbent bike in a few days using only the most basic tools and skills. Our DIY bike recumbent plans show you every step using high resolution photos and clear detailed text.

The Voyageur Long Wheelbase Recumbent Bike