The Warrior Recumbent Tadpole Racing Trike

Paint your Warrior trike your favorite color.

The Atomic Zombie Warrior DIY recumbent tadpole racing trike is an all out performance recumbent trike with every feature you would expect on a factory produced trike costing thousands of dollars. Weighing slightly over 40 pounds, this lean recumbent racing trike includes dual disc brakes, under seat steering, 26 or more speeds, and a fully adjustable bottom bracket.

This tadpole trike is built for speed.

It’s low, it’s lean, and it was designed for speed. The Warrior DIY recumbent trike can blast around corners and reach maximum highs speeds with its rear 26 inch wheel. This high performance trike handles like a dream, with agile and responsive steering placed in a comfortable position under the seat.

Easy to maneuver and precision steering design.

The Warrior recumbent trike has been engineered for responsive handling and offers a small turning circle that allows the trike to turn around on any city street. All of the steering geometry is laid out in full details in our easy-to-follow plan. You can build this entire DIY tadpole trike using only basic tools and materials. There are no machined or difficult to source parts used.

Only basic tools and parts are used in the Warrior design.

Having a fully adjustable bottom bracket allows the cranks to be positioned along the frame so that riders of any leg length can set up the cranks to their optimal position. The laid back and comfortable recumbent seat lets you push back and deliver your full potential directly into the cranks so you can take off like a rocket from a stop and push your speed records to an all time high.

Fully adjustable bottom bracket and underseat steering.

When you are not busy blasting past all of the other cycles on the straight stretch, you can lay back and enjoy the view from your comfortable recumbent seat, taking in the scenery without having to strain your back or your neck. One hand riding is no problem, and all of the controls are conveniently placed on the handlebars so they are out of your way and easy to operate.

A low, lean and stable recumbent trike.

Dual disc brakes plus an optional third rear brake give the Warrior amazing stopping power, so you can safely push your limits down that step hill and maneuver in crowded city traffic with ease. Atomic Zombie’s DIY tadpole trike plan will take you through every step of the build process with highly detailed text and clear photos so you will be able to build your own trike with minimal tools, experience, and expense. All of the components needed to build the Warrior can be salvaged from other bikes or purchased at any bike shop.

You can build your own Warrior recumbent trike on a shoestring budget.

Ride for hours at a time on a relaxing recumbent trike without the back pain you might experience on an upright bike. The rear of the frame is designed to smooth out your ride, and being on three wheels means you will never have to put your feet down to stop or push your bike up a steep hill. Hill climbing on a trike is as easy as dropping into low gear and pushing the cranks at your own pace.

You can customize the design to add an electric assist or gas motor.

The Warrior DIY tadpole trike can even carry a gas or electric motor, so you can propel yourself across town at city traffic speeds almost effortlessly. There is plenty of room for customization of our design, so you can work with the components you have on hand or add your own radical design changes to create an all new performance trike from our original plan. The Warrior would make a great base for a partial of fully faired velomobile as well.

Perfect trike design for a fully faired velomobile.

All of the parts and components needed to build the Warrior are inexpensive and easy to source. The frame is made from 1.5 inch steel square tuning and all of the transmission system and steering uses only common hardware and bicycle components. There are no expensive or difficult to find hubs or brake parts used in our design. Even the seat is made using only the most basic materials.

Warrior tadpole trike looks great from every angle.

Have you been dreaming of owning a high performance tadpole trike but think the price tag for such a machine is a bit too steep? How about building you own for a fraction of the price using nothing more than basic hardware store tools and inexpensive bicycle components? There is no experience necessary in Atomic Zombie DIY trike plans, so anyone with a desire to create can carve out his or her own high performance racing trike by following our DIY tadpole trike plan. It’s like flying on three wheels!

The Warrior Recumbent Tadpole Racing Trike