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Bandito Short WheelBase

This is an easy project for new builders.

Bandito Short WheelBase - diy plans
Bandito Short WheelBase - bike parts
Bandito Short WheelBase - frame mods
Bandito Short WheelBase - head tube

The Bandito short wheelbase bicycle is an easy-to-ride recumbent bike that you can build from our easy to follow plans. The short wheelbase configuration and elevated seating position make the Bandito recumbent bike great for city driving and urban commuting. Because the wheelbase is similar to a regular upright bicycle, steering and handling are like most other bicycles.

This plan is an easy beginner’s project as it uses mainly components from a standard bicycle along with a small length of round or square steel tubing. Even the seat can be easily built from scratch using only basic tools and materials that will not cost you a fortune. Components such as brakes and shifters are also taken from a standard bicycle, so there are no hard-to-find or non- standard bicycle components to acquire.

Make this recumbent bike from spare parts.

Bandito Short WheelBase - atomiczombie plans
Bandito Short WheelBase - tube fishmouth
Bandito Short WheelBase - frame design
Bandito Short WheelBase - bottom bracket

The rear frame on the Bandito recumbent bicycle is the same as an upright bicycle, so you can attach the same type of components to the frame such as a luggage rack or cargo panniers.

In this DIY recumbent bike plan, a rear disc brake is used, showing how to adapt any frame for the disc brake hardware. You can also install standard bicycle caliper brakes, since the rear triangle is left unmodified form its original configuration.

Modify the plan to suit your needs.

Bandito Short WheelBase - rear disc
Bandito Short WheelBase - frame painting
Bandito Short WheelBase - swb plans
Bandito Short WheelBase - diy seat

The bottom bracket is fully adjustable along the front boom, making it easy to position the crankset so that riders of any leg length can use this recumbent bicycle.

Standard front and rear derailleurs are installed so that your recumbent bike can have a full set of 26 or more speeds to choose from. The chain is kept away from the front wheel using an efficient pulley system so that there is no steering interference or odd handling characteristics.

Ride in comfort on a recumbent seat.

Bandito Short WheelBase - head tube angle
Bandito Short WheelBase - frame mods
Bandito Short WheelBase - diy swb recumbent
Bandito Short WheelBase - seat post

Learning to ride a short wheelbase recumbent bike is very easy since the handling characteristics are similar to a regular bicycle. On a recumbent bike, you do not have to slow down for corners since the pedals are high enough from the ground to avoid a road strike no matter how much you are leaning into a corner.

The handlebars are placed at a comfortable position that allows for ample knee clearance as well as a relaxed steering grip that places the levers and shifters within reach.

Over seat steering offers a responsive ride.

Bandito Short WheelBase - seat design
Bandito Short WheelBase - seat cover
Bandito Short WheelBase - recumbent plans
Bandito Short WheelBase - seat mount

The Bandito DIY recumbent short wheelbase bicycle allows you to put your full effort directly into the cranks as you press your back into the seat, so you can blast off from a stop with acceleration that could not be achieved on a regular bicycle.

Add a set of high pressure low tread tires to your home built recumbent bike and you have a winning formula for speed and efficiency that will help cut down on your long commute or simply make bike riding a lot more fun.

Paint and detail your home built bike.

Bandito Short WheelBase - short wheelbase
Bandito Short WheelBase - crank boom
Bandito Short WheelBase - over seat steering
Bandito Short WheelBase - chain drive

Hit the open road and work your leg muscles on a recumbent bike that you built yourself! Our Atomic Zombie DIY recumbent bike plans are easy to follow and start with the basics so anyone with a few inexpensive tools and bicycle parts can create a similar short wheelbase recumbent bicycle.

The Bandito recumbent bike is also easily modified from the original plan so you can include your own design changes to our easy to follow DIY bike plan. If you have been thinking about jumping into the bicycle building hobby, then this recumbent plan is a good place to start.