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Meridian Recumbent Bike

The Easy to Build Meridian DIY Recumbent Bike.

Meridian Recumbent Bike - atomiczombie plans
Meridian Recumbent Bike - bike parts
Meridian Recumbent Bike - frame cutting
Meridian Recumbent Bike - bottom bracket

The DIY Meridian long wheelbase recumbent bike is a smooth riding a comfortable touring bike that you can build from our easy-to-follow plans

The long wheelbase configuration and moderately high seating position make the Meridian a great all-around bike for long commutes, city driving, and for those just starting out with a recumbent bike for the first time.

This is a great project for new builders.

This DIY delta bike plan will show you how to reconfigure an old bicycle into something much better. Using only basic tools and some steel tubing, you can roll out of your workshop in a few days on your great riding home built recumbent bike.

You Only Need Basic Tools and Parts to Make This.

Meridian Recumbent Bike - diy lwb
Meridian Recumbent Bike - square tube frame
Meridian Recumbent Bike - mono boom frame
Meridian Recumbent Bike - head tube parts

Sitting at eye level with traffic makes the Meridian a great city commuter and the comfortable recumbent seating position is great for those extended tours.

The linked steering places the handlebars at a comfortable position that does not require extended reaching and allows for a very stable and predictable ride under all driving conditions

Only common bicycle parts are used, and the the frame is made from basic steel square tubing.

Our DIY long wheelbase recumbent bike plan takes you through all of the steps needed to create your own recumbent bike for minimal cost using the most basic tools. Most of what you need can be taken from a yard sale bike.

Build a Great Recumbent Bike on a budget.

Meridian Recumbent Bike - diy recumbent
Meridian Recumbent Bike - head tube mods
Meridian Recumbent Bike - square tube frame
Meridian Recumbent Bike - head tube welded

The Meridian recumbent bike can have a rear disc brake or a standard caliper brake, and it only uses commonly available bicycle components that you can purchase at any bike shop for minimal cost.

You can build the Meridian with 26 or more speeds and salvage most of the important components from a single bicycle used as parts. The frame is made of mild steel tubing, making it both strong and lightweight.

Build this bike in just a few days.

All of the steering components can be cut from an old bike frame and reused here. You can also purchase what you need from any bike shop, and none of the components are expensive. Everything required can be salvaged from an old mountain bike.

Standard Bike Brakes and Gear Shifters.

Meridian Recumbent Bike - rear triangle
Meridian Recumbent Bike - rear forks
Meridian Recumbent Bike - rear frame
Meridian Recumbent Bike - mono boom frame

All of the levers and shifters are positioned for easy reach on the handlebars, and the steering system is designed for optimal control and legroom without sacrificing turning radius.

The Meridian DIY recumbent bike plan leaves the builder a lot of room for modifications, so you can add your own design changes to the plan in order to create your own recumbent bike that will suit your riding style.

Add as many gears as you like.

The main frame is made from thin walled steel square tubing that can be purchased from any steel supplier or the hardware store for a few dollars. The rear frame triangle is made from recycled bicycle frame parts or small diameter steer tubing.

Build Your Own Easy Riding DIY Recumbent Bike.

Meridian Recumbent Bike - diy recumbent
Meridian Recumbent Bike - seat parts
Meridian Recumbent Bike - 26 inch rear wheel
Meridian Recumbent Bike - head tube parts

The reclined comfortable recumbent seat is positions at the optimal height for city riding and allows the rider to easily plant both feet on the ground while stopped.

The steering system is designed so that there is no learning curve when starting out on the Meridian recumbent bike.

Linked steering means that the bike will handle much like a regular bicycle, with high maneuverability on traffic or on the trails.

The mono boom frame makes it easy to install any type of seat you like. Build a simple wood and foam seat as shown in the plans, or install a factory recumbent seat. You could even add a car or boat seat for extreme comfort.

Great For City Riding or Long Country Commutes.

Meridian Recumbent Bike - diy plan
Meridian Recumbent Bike - remote steering
Meridian Recumbent Bike - bottom bracket parts
Meridian Recumbent Bike - shifter angle

The Meridian DIY recumbent bicycle is an excellent touring bike for those extended commutes or long relaxing country rides

The home built seat uses basic materials to create a very soft and supporting seat that is just as comfortable as your favorite chair, so you can spend hours riding and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Sitting in the recumbent position means you can see far ahead without having to strain your neck.

The unique sliding bottom bracket allows you to easily place the cranks anyplace on the boom to adjust to any leg length. By simply adjusting two bolts, you can set the cranks to your optimal position, or switch between different riders in minutes.

Easily adjustable Cranks For Riders of All Sizes.

Meridian Recumbent Bike - steering rod
Meridian Recumbent Bike - sliding bottom bracket
Meridian Recumbent Bike - steering linkage
Meridian Recumbent Bike - long gooseneck

We design our plans so that anyone with a desire to build can make their own great looking home built Recumbent Bike.

Even the adjustable bottom bracket requires only a recycled bike frame bottom bracket and some plate steel. Everything is made using basic tools.

You can also modify the plan to build a bike of your own unique design. Utilize the parts you have on hand and build your DIY recumbent bike on a minimal budget.

The linked steering is responsive and agile, allowing the Meridian to live happily in city traffic as well as on the bike trail. Long wheelbase recumbent bikes are easy to ride, so there is no learning curve. Roll out of your garage in comfort and style.

Ride For Hours on This Comfortable Seat.

Meridian Recumbent Bike - diy lwb bent
Meridian Recumbent Bike - chain guide pulley
Meridian Recumbent Bike - seat covering
Meridian Recumbent Bike - basic frame

On a recumbent bike, you sit in a natural position, able to look straight ahead at the view while you ride.

The full back support seat allows you to ride for hours without the usual upright bike seat pains, making this bike a great long distance commuter.

Having a mid height seat, you can sit at eye level to city traffic, but still put both feet down when stopped. The Meridian is a great city rider.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride on a great handling home built recumbent bike that you can build from our easy to follow plans. For only the fraction of the cost of a factory made long wheelbase recumbent, you can build your own in a few days using only basic tools and commonly available bicycle components. Never built a bike? No problem, our plans will show you how.

Meridian Recumbent Bike - diy plans