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Modular Rebar GreenHouse

Build a Modular GreenHouse!

Modular Rebar GreenHouse - built from plans
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - end door and vents
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - rear top vents
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - side venting

Extend your growing season with this easy to build and robust greenhouse! Using readily available parts and basic tools, anyone can build this hot-house on a budget.

This design can handle the wind and winter, so it is a great choice for any climate zone, even those that see heavy wet snowfalls for several months.

The frame is modular and moveable, so it can be used for many other purposes as well, such as a shade house, a potting house, or as a temporary utility building.

Because of the modular plug-in design of the segments, two people can easily move the frame sections to the desired location and simply plug them in to each other for a quick and easy setup. Segments can be added removed at any time as well, so you can expand or shrink your greenhouse to suit your growing requirements.

Designed for Any Zone!

Modular Rebar GreenHouse - snow load rated
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - frame bending jig
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - fabrication
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - home built doors

Got snow? No problem? This robust greenhouse frame can take any amount of winter, thanks to the sturdy rounded hoop design, and you do not have to remove the tarp in the winter months.

We live in Northern Ontario, and have used this greenhouse for over a decade.

The DIY Plan shows you everything you need to know, right from the frame design to the making of your own doors, vents, and even in interior workbench for potting plants.

To make your own hoops for the frame, the plan shows you how to make a simple jig that will allow quick and easy bending of the ribs so that they are all the same. Any basic hardware store welder can be used to complete the simple welds, and we also include some basic welding instructions to get you started.

Control Your Climate.

Modular Rebar GreenHouse - end wall fabrication
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - modular system
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - drip hose hangers
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - drip hose parts

This design includes venting that can be opened and closed to assist in climate control or used to seal up your greenhouse during the non-growing season

Hydration can be supplied using drip lines, misting hoses, or even the simple DIY drip hose shown in the plan. The design frame also includes an overhead drip house mounting system.

Like all of our DIY Plans, you can easily customize anything about the design to suit your own requirements. DIY is all about experimentation!

Since everything is hand made using the most basic components, there are no expensive or difficult to find parts in this project. This greenhouse will perform as well as any commercially available equivalent, but it certainly won’t cost you as much. Invest in your own food chain!

Zero Maintenance for five years or more.

Modular Rebar GreenHouse - poly cover install
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - rebar frame jig
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - frame building
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - conduit frame

The round hoop design is very easy on your greenhouse cover, so it will enjoy a maximum lifespan before needing to be replaced.

A good quality woven poly cover will easily last you 5 years, handing the snow load with ease. We have used ours for 10 years already, and it is still in decent shape.

Take control of your own food source and enjoy a life of self-sustenance with your own DIY greenhouse!

Our easy to follow DIY Plans do not assume that you have ever built anything, so every single step is shown with highly detailed photos and clear text written so that anyone can follow along.

Extend Your Growing Season.

Modular Rebar GreenHouse - poly cover install
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - diy drip hose
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - raise beds
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - frame section

Having a greenhouse to grow your own food will give you sustainability and security. With fresh produce prices always on the rise, this project is an investment in your future.

You can build your own greenhouse in a few weekends, and two people can easily move it onsite and install it in one day.

The greenhouse frame will last a lifetime, needing to be painted once every 8 to 10 years. Other than that, there is no required frame maintenance.

Experiment with different styles of raised beds, or grow your plants in pots. There is so much room to customize the interior of this greenhouse to your own growing requirements. Pots can also be hung from the ribs to maximize your heated growing space.

Build it to Any Length.

Modular Rebar GreenHouse - frame installation
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - drip hose hardware
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - raised bed soil
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - poly tarp covering

The greenhouse shown in the DIY Plan is 48 feet long, 118 inches wide, and 92 inches tall. You can easily get a wheelbarrow down the walkway, and the raised beds offer plenty of growing area.

Since the frame is modular, you can build a greenhouse as short as you like or as long as you like. Segments can be added or subtracted at any time, so the length is also adaptable.

Front and rear walls are easily added to the greenhouse, and you can easily modify the frame for just about any door size.

Our DIY Greenhouse Plan will guide you through the steps required to securely fasten a tarp for maximum life expectancy. The design of the frame is often the main factor in determining the lifespan of the covering, and this design will ensure that you get your money’s worth and more from yours.

Anyone Can do This!

Modular Rebar GreenHouse - poly cover install
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - end walls painting
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - frame bending jig
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - frame welding

All of our DIY Plans are written as step by step instructions that do not assume you have done this before. Many of our builders are first timers.

There are no machine parts required, and just about everything you need to make your own amazing greenhouse can be found at the hardware store.

A proper greenhouse rated woven poly tarp can be purchased online at many greenhouse suppliers, and these are available in whatever size you require.

A greenhouse will work anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you live in the busy city or on the quiet homestead, your thriving plants will enjoy the extended growing season either way! Your greenhouse will also offer some protection from pests and wildlife that might share your harvest since it is fully enclosed and includes a door and closable vents.

Build Yourself a Better Life!

Modular Rebar GreenHouse - end wall installation
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - poly cover installation
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - poly roll
Modular Rebar GreenHouse - snow load ready

The pandemic of 2020 has shown us how fragile our food chain can be, especially when we rely on large scale operations that are out of our control.

Growing in your own backyard is more than a hobby, it is the path to a more secure self-sustaining lifestyle. You can extend your harvest with a greenhouse and store more for the winter months.

The greenhouse can also be used in the spring to acclimate your plants and get a jump on the growing season for maximum yield.

If you have been looking for a way to take charge of your food source, then consider a greenhouse. Your plants will enjoy their new home as they get a jumpstart on the season and keep on producing long after most gardens are finished for the year. This greenhouse was built 10 years ago, and is still going strong on our small homestead with the original paint and covering!

Modular Rebar GreenHouse -