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PortaPen Poultry Tractor

Build Your Own Human Movable Poultry Tractor!

PortaPen Poultry Tractor - portable chicken coop
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - chicken coop frame
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - hog panel frame
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - chicken coop frame

This easily movable Do-It-Yourself Poultry Tractor and Utility Building can be easily moved by a single person.

The unique landing wheel design allows the building to rest completely on the ground and then rise for transport by moving a few hand operated levers.

This easily portable building can be used for many other purposes as well, such as a greenhouse, shade house, or as a temporary utility building.

The foremost feature of this project is that it can be moved around the yard by one person with little effort, so for those living the simple life it means no All-Terrain Vehicle or petrol powered tractor is required to relocate the tractor. Another important feature is the breach-proof design created from strong wire frame construction and deployable anti-digging flaps that prevent tunneling underneath the unit.

Deployable Side Flaps Prevent Predator Digging.

PortaPen Poultry Tractor - chicken coop wheels
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - frame design
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - fence tube welding
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - poultry tractor frame

The retractable galvanized wire side flaps deter predators like foxes from tunneling under the frame.

For transport, the side flaps fold up along the walls of the unit, allowing you to be on the move in under a minute.

No part of this easily portable poultry tractor is left unsecured. Even the interior doors and exterior door have their own critter proof locking mechanisms.

This entire project can be built using hardware purchased from any farm supply or hardware store, and like all of our DIY plans, you will only require basic tools to build it yourself. You can build this human movable poultry tractor outdoors using only an angle grinder, a hand drill and any basic welder.

The Plan Includes a Roosting Area With Dual Doors.

PortaPen Poultry Tractor - roosting pen
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - frame design
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - wheel parts
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - landing wheels

Your flock will sleep safe and sound at night in the fully enclosed roosting area, complete with lockable bird door.

For easy access to the roosting area, a full size human door opens up, and can be removed from the hinges with a single lift.

The size of the roosting area is easily customizable, just like every other part of this project, including length, width, and landing wheel design.

Besides the galvanized fence tubing and hog panels, the rest of the project utilizes recycled components such as bicycles parts and scrap tubing so you can build on a budget using the parts you have on hand. There are no machined components required.

Easily Move Your Flock to Fresh Grass Daily.

PortaPen Poultry Tractor - portable poultry tractor
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - coop wheels
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - wheel design parts
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - portable frame

You can relocate your flock to a fresh green section of the yard by engaging the landing wheels for quick transport.

The easy to maneuver bicycle steering system allows the unit to turn around in an area not much larger than a driveway.

One person can move the tractor around, and that means no more ripping up your lawn with an ATV or gas powered vehicle. This is a perfect project for those living off the grid.

You can utilize practically any type of wheel and hardware to make your landing gear, including the inexpensive bicycle components shown here, which can be salvaged from an old bike or purchased new from any bicycle shop on a budget.

The Interior is Almost 200 Square Feet in Size.

PortaPen Poultry Tractor - chicken coop design
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - checken coop wheels
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - poultry coop frame
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - tubing end caps

With enough room to park a small car, your birds or small livestock will have plenty of room to move around and graze on the fresh grass as you move around the yard.

The wire frame construction makes it easy to hang feeders, watering stations, lights, fans, and many other items to the walls.

The roosting area is also easily customizable to your occupants, and can support a multi level folding roost, which is also shown in the plan.

There are no hard to cut angles, or components that require high precision on this DIY project, so an angle grinder is the only cutting tool you will require. The design is very easy to alter. You can create a portable building to suit your own requirements.

Add a Cover, And You Now Have a Shelter Building.

PortaPen Poultry Tractor - chicken coop cover
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - turkey coop frame
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - chicken coop steering wheel
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - poultry coop landing gear

The extremely durable round wall construction is perfect for wrapping in a tarp or weather resistant cover. Roll the tarp up partially to control air flow and light.

The structure is so strong that it can even handle a Northern Ontario snow load, and that says a lot!

During the hot season, you can quickly tie down a tarp to keep out the sun, or throw a water tight cover over to keep your inhabitants dry in a rain or hail storm.

The locking and pivoting front steering system is built from recycled bicycle components and a few pieces of steel tubing. The front landing gear allows the entire building to be lifted and then steered by a single person just by pushing on the handlebars. The unit may be the size of a bus, but it steers just like a bicycle, and can make a fairly small turning circle.

A Versatile Building That Doubles as a Greenhouse.

PortaPen Poultry Tractor - cold frame design
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - turkey frame design
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - coop wheels
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - moveable poultry coop

You can do a lot of things in a moveable 200 square foot building with a sturdy frame made of weather resistant wire.

Add a few bales of straw to make a mini greenhouse, or wrap the entire structure in plastic to create a fully functional greenhouse for larger scale growing.

A cold frame like the one shown here will allow you to extend your growing season, and keep your plants safe from critters that may want to devour your harvest.

Because most of the frame and walls are made from hot dipped galvanized steel, the structure will offer a lifetime of service. Unlike wood, there will be no rot or damage from moisture or insects, so you can concentrate on your livestock instead of a long repair list.

Acclimate Your Plants For a Successful Growing Season.

PortaPen Poultry Tractor - acclimation shelves
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - raising turkeys
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - roosting bars
PortaPen Poultry Tractor - cold frame design

When your portable poultry tractor is not housing livestock, it makes a great shade house and acclimating building for young plants.

You could also cover half the unit with clear plastic to create a greenhouse, and then place shade cloth over the rest to create a complete spring growing station.

Because it is easy to add interior shelves and utility hooks to the screen walls, this building can take on many versatile functions.

This human movable building is green in so many different ways! You won't require a gas powered vehicle to move it, it can grow your vegetables, and it will keep fresh green grass under the feet of your poultry at all times. DIY means building a better life!

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