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TomaHawk LowRacer

Leave Them in The Dust on Your DIY LowRacer!

TomaHawk LowRacer - diy recumbent lowracer
TomaHawk LowRacer - short wheelbase lowracer
TomaHawk LowRacer - rear disc brake
TomaHawk LowRacer - chain guide pulleys

The TomaHawk DIY LowRacer was made for speed, with its aerodynamic stance, minimal frame, and aggressive recumbent seating position.

Pour everything you have into the cranks, pressed up hard into the back of the seat for maximum human power transfer.

Recumbent LowRacers are the masters of speed, something your riding buddies will soon find out as they try to keep up with you on your home built racing machine!

All of the components used can be salvaged from a regular bicycle, and the entire frame is made from standard square tubing. You can build this lean mean racing machine using new or used parts, and do it on a tight budget using only basic tools.

Build This Hot Ride in a Few Weekends Using Basic Tools.

TomaHawk LowRacer - diy recumbent bike
TomaHawk LowRacer - over seat steering
TomaHawk LowRacer - rear disc brake hardware
TomaHawk LowRacer - simple square tube frame

Hand held grinder, basic department store welder, and some scrap bike parts. That's really all you need.

You can build a DIY LowRacer from scratch even if you are new to the hobby. Our DIY plans will show you every single step with many detailed photos.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of proclaiming "I built it myself", especially when your ride outperforms store bought uprights costing thousands of dollars.

The steering system is positioned over the rider for maximum aerodynamics, allowing you to cheat the wind and gain a huge riding advantage. Recumbent Lowracers currently hold all of the speed records, and aerodynamic advantage is the main reason.

The TomaHawk LowRacer Rules the Track or the Road.

TomaHawk LowRacer - lowracer plans
TomaHawk LowRacer - square tube frame design
TomaHawk LowRacer - frame paint
TomaHawk LowRacer - rear disc brake mount

This bike is designed for the street as well as the race track, and is equipped with a full range of speeds and a disc brake.

Although the frame is very compact, there is no pedal to wheel strike, so this bike handles very well in an urban environment.

Recumbent bikes are also kings of comfort so you could commute on your DIY LowRacer, enjoying the view in front without the pains of an upright bicycle seat.

Most of the frame is made from standard square steel tubing, so cutting and welding is very easy, even for a beginner. The plans unfold in a way that allows for easy modifications, so you can make your own truly unique racing machine.

Hit the Corners at Full Speed and Push Your Limits!

TomaHawk LowRacer - low short wheelbase racer
TomaHawk LowRacer - diy recumbent racer
TomaHawk LowRacer - extended gooseneck
TomaHawk LowRacer - lowracer frame design

Besides being much more aerodynamic than a regular bike, recumbent lowracers also have the advantage of being able to pedal while leaning into corners.

Because your cranks are raised, you do not have to worry about a pedal striking the ground while you crank hard into tight corners.

You will experience a ride like no regular bicycle can offer, making it fun to work out your organic engine to the absolute limits.

The chain is routed over the front wheel and under the seat so there is no interference with the wheel or steering components. This type of chain management allows the TomaHawk LowRacer to perform safely on the street as a daily commuter.

Yeah, I Built it From Scratch!

TomaHawk LowRacer - racing recumbent bike
TomaHawk LowRacer - welded head tube
TomaHawk LowRacer - over wheel chain drive
TomaHawk LowRacer - front cranks

It feels great to respond with "I built it myself" when asked how much it cost. Nothing about this hot racer looks home built.

The seat style is completely customizable so you can adjust the angle to your needs; super low for racing, or moderate for street riding.

The cranks are adjustable to riders of any leg length by simply tightening 2 bolts to position the bottom bracket anywhere along the main boom.

If you are into competitive racing, you will enjoy tweaking your ride after each race until it is the perfect machine for your organic engine. You can alter just about anything as you build your bike, such as head tube angle, crank position, seating, and transmission.

Take Speed to the Next Level with a Full or Partial Fairing.

TomaHawk LowRacer - 26 inch racing wheel
TomaHawk LowRacer - head tube angle
TomaHawk LowRacer - leg length measure
TomaHawk LowRacer - diy wooden seat

With the aerodynamic advantage offered by a partial fairing, you could cut your long commute time in half.

A front fairing also offers some shielding from the elements, and a rear fairing offers a large gain in aerodynamic efficiency.

How fast can these things really go? Well, go ahead and google "Recumbent Speed Record", and you will see an 80+ MPH human speed record set by a similar style of recumbent lowracer!

LowRacers are extensions of the rider, often customized to a particular riding style or rider size in order to achieve maximum efficiency. The TomaHawk DIY Recumbent Bike is fully customizable and also offers a fully adjustable crank position for multiple riders.

Recumbent Bikes are Also Great for Long Commutes.

TomaHawk LowRacer - hpv racing bike
TomaHawk LowRacer - frame tube angles
TomaHawk LowRacer - diy racing bike frame
TomaHawk LowRacer - recumbent seat angle

Once you settle into a comfortable recumbent seat, you will wonder how you managed any time on an upright seat.

Sitting in a more natural position, you can enjoy the scenery as you ride, looking straight ahead with nothing blocking your view.

If you plan on touring, there is plenty of room under the seat to build your own custom saddle bags, or even add a power assist motor.

The entire build is detailed one step at a time, starting at the choosing parts stage so you can work with the part you already have on hand. A few hand tools, angle grinder and a basic welder is all that is required. This plan is also a good choice for a first time builder.

LowRacer Pilot Wanted!

TomaHawk LowRacer -
TomaHawk LowRacer -
TomaHawk LowRacer -
TomaHawk LowRacer -

Although The TomaHawk DIY LowRacer is tame enough for everyday riding, it is difficult not to push your limits when you sit in the pilot's seat.

Riding a recumbent bike builds muscles in a way not possible on an upright bicycle, making it a great way to work out and challenge yourself.

Of course, you will want to convince your upright buddies to get into a recumbent bike as well, as it can be lonely way ahead of the pack!

With a bit of patience and some spare parts, anyone can build a recumbent lowracer like this in a few weekends and on a minimal budget. Bike building is a great DIY hobby, and often the building part is just as fun as the riding.

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