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TriCruiser Winter Trike

Build a Winter Ready Mountain Trike.

TriCruiser Winter Trike - atomiczombie bikes
TriCruiser Winter Trike - rear suspension spring
TriCruiser Winter Trike - diy seat
TriCruiser Winter Trike - underseat steering

The TriCruiser winter ready tadpole trike is an easy-to-build recumbent trike that includes rear suspension and under seat steering.

The moderate seat height and mountain bike wheels make this long wheelbase tadpole trike a great all-winter vehicle.

On icy or snow covered roads, this trike will keep you upright because it has two heads, and cannot fall over. Rear suspension smooths out your ride.

The suspension spring and rear triangle are taken from a mountain bike frame, giving the TriCruiser the same drive system and gear shifting as the original bike. Under seat steering places your arms in a comfortable and relaxing position.

You Only Need Basic Tools and Parts to Make This.

TriCruiser Winter Trike - diy lwb trike
TriCruiser Winter Trike - front fork
TriCruiser Winter Trike - control rods
TriCruiser Winter Trike - sliding bottom bracket

This DIY recumbent tadpole trike uses only standard bicycle components, so the front steering system is easy to build using inexpensive parts.

The TriCruiser is basically a two-headed mountain bike, so it cannot fall over on slippery ground, making it good winter riding trike to help you keep in shape all year.

Dig in a get grip with mountain bike aggressive tires as you ride in snow.

The linked steering system is easy to make and requires only basic rod ends from the hardware store. Your DIY winter trike will steer just like a regular bicycle, but you do not have to lean into the corners to turn.

Two Front Ends For Ice or Snow Covered Roads.

TriCruiser Winter Trike - lwb tadpole
TriCruiser Winter Trike - adjustable bottom bracket
TriCruiser Winter Trike - chain guide pulleys
TriCruiser Winter Trike - chain guide tube

The front steering system uses standard bicycle head tubes and forks and is linked in such a way as to steer like a regular bicycle with minimal resistance and predictable control.

The handlebars are placed under the seat for a relaxed grip and easy access to the levers and shifters.

Cranks can be placed anywhere on the main boom so you can build your own DIY trike to fit your leg length.

The sliding bottom bracket allows the cranks to be adjusted along the main boom so you can deliver optimal power. For riders of different leg lengths, you can move the bottom bracket by adjusting two bolts.

Rear Suspension For a smooth Comfortable Ride.

TriCruiser Winter Trike - diy lwb trike
TriCruiser Winter Trike - back rest
TriCruiser Winter Trike - under seat steering
TriCruiser Winter Trike - head tube weld

Atomic Zombie’s DIY all-weather trike plan shows you how to convert a standard upright mountain bike into a rugged three wheeler that can ride over ice and snow.

The rear suspension system will smooth out the ride, so you can drive on or off the road in comfort.

Of course, this trike works well in the summer as well, and can even be used off road thanks to its mountain bike roots.

Recycle the head tubes and bottom bracket from old bicycle frame to build your own two headed DIY trike. You can recycle the frame tubing as well or make your frame from hardware store conduit or thin walled tubing. We are all about recycle and reuse.

Tackle Any Weather on Your DIY Recumbent Trike.

TriCruiser Winter Trike - delta trike steering
TriCruiser Winter Trike - trike boom
TriCruiser Winter Trike - trike front frame
TriCruiser Winter Trike - trike frame

For a little extra boost in harsh conditions or snow covered roads, you can add an electric assist hubmotor to the rear wheel.

You can install a battery pack under the frame and run your power assist motor four hours. Get through that fresh snowfall or climb that seep hill with electric assist.

You can build this fun DIY long wheelbase tadpole trike in a few days using only the most basic tools and parts taken from old yard sale bikes.

This two headed mountain bike duplicates the front steering of a regular bicycle, linking it together so you can steer both wheels from one set of handlebars. Ackerman steering geometry is also used for stable and smooth control.

Build A Winter Ready Trike in a Few Days.

TriCruiser Winter Trike - diy trike frame
TriCruiser Winter Trike - welded cross boom
TriCruiser Winter Trike - steering tabs
TriCruiser Winter Trike - remote steering

We design our plans so that anyone with a desire to build can easily make their own DIY LWB Tadpole Trike.

Every single step of the build is shown in great detail, and the plans assume you have only the basic tools such as a hand drill, angle grinder, and a basic arc welder.

Only common bicycle parts are used, and the frame is made from basic hardware store conduit tubing. No experience necessary to build!

The linked steering system is shown in great detail, and you only need basic hardware store components to make it. The Ackerman steering geometry allows the wheels to follow a proper turning circle for low friction no skid turning.

Modify The Plan to Make Your Own Unique Trike.

TriCruiser Winter Trike - round tube frame
TriCruiser Winter Trike - dual forks
TriCruiser Winter Trike - ackerman steering
TriCruiser Winter Trike - steering alignment

This DIY trike is very easy to modify and change around, so you can easily use it as a base to create your own unique winter ready vehicle.

You can use just about any size wheels you like, as long as the two front wheels are the same. For small riders, a 20 inch BMX bike could be used for parts.

For all weather riding, you could add a front fairing or even a fully enclosed body to keep out snow or rain.

We are all about recycle and reuse, so the TriCruiser Trike Plan encourages using the parts you have on hand, as well as salvaging bicycle components from old unused frames when you have them. You can build your own DIY Delta Trike on a budget, even if you use many new components.

Keep Your Human Engine Fit All Year Long.

TriCruiser Winter Trike - diy recumbent trike
TriCruiser Winter Trike - dual front end
TriCruiser Winter Trike - head tube modifications
TriCruiser Winter Trike - dual front forks

Riding on a snow covered street is great exercise, and this DIY winter ready trike will let you ride in just about any weather.

Dig out those scrap bikes and chop them into something better, something you make yourself. This trike is easy to build and can be done on a tight budget.

You can easily reconfigure every part of this plan, add electric assist, add a full or partial body to make your own winter velocar.

If you have been looking for a way to keep your legs fit during the winter season, then this trike will allow you to exercise outdoors and tackle the seasons that are normally off limits to a two wheeled bicycle. Atomic Zombie’s easy-to-follow trike plan will show you every step with many high resolution photos and clear text so you can build your own winter ready trike for minimal cost.

TriCruiser Winter Trike - diy trike plans