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Voyageur LWB Recumbent

Build a DIY Long Wheelbase Recumbent Bike.

Voyageur LWB Recumbent - atomiczombie bikes
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - bottom bracket parts
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - adjustable bottom bracket
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - frame tubing

Atomic Zombie’s Voyageur long wheelbase recumbent bike is a very easy-to-build long wheelbase cruising bike that includes rear suspension and under seat steering.

This DIY long wheelbase recumbent bike is a smooth ride for the long commute across town of for that relaxing country tour.

Under seat steering places your arms in a comfortable and relaxed position, will all controls on the handlebars.

You can salvage all of the transmission and drive components from any road or mountain bike. our easy to follow plans will show you how to chop up those old frames to recycle the parts for use in your own projects.

You Only Need Basic Tools and Parts to Make This.

Voyageur LWB Recumbent - round frame tube
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - suspension triangle
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - main frame boom
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - recumbent seat mount

Using only inexpensive and standard bicycle components, the Voyageur DIY recumbent bike can be built in a few days using only the most basic tools and materials.

Most of the components can be taken from a working suspension bike or purchased new at any bicycle shop.

The frame is built from thin walled steel square tubing, and either round or square tubing can be used.

We are all about recycle and reuse, so our plans encourage using the parts you have on hand, as well as salvaging bicycle components from old unused frames when you have them. You can build a smooth riding recumbent bike just like this one for a fraction of the cost of a commercial trike, even if you use many new components.

Under Seat Steering For Relaxed Comfort.

Voyageur LWB Recumbent - chain guide tube
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - diy seat
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - rake and trail
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - head tube weld

The under seat steering places the handlebars in a relaxed position that allows for optimal steering and working of the levers and shifters.

The Voyageur offers 26 or more speeds and uses a 26 inch rear wheel for low rolling resistance and maximum speed in high gear. All transmission parts are basic bicycle components that can be salvaged form an upright bicycle.

Add your own modifications easily.

The seat is easily made using plywood, foam and vinyl covering. You can design the seat around your own needs, or even add a commercially produced recumbent bike site. Recycle that old office chair into a new DIY recumbent bike seat.

Levers and Shifters Like a Regular Bike.

Voyageur LWB Recumbent - diy lwb
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - remote steering point
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - seat mount
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - under seat steering

This open concept recumbent with under seat steering means that you can enjoy a long relaxing tour without straining your neck or back.

The recumbent position is very comfortable and allows for maximum energy transfer between your legs and the cranks, so you can push up your top speeds and spin up that steep hill with maximum efficiency.

Get Your human engine in shape.

The remotely linked steering system is easy to build as well, requiring only parts form the hardware store like ball joints and small diameter round tubing. The steering linkage is easy to adjust and offers agile and predicable control at any speed.

Easy to Ride With Comfortable Seating.

Voyageur LWB Recumbent - uss
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - steering rods
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - remote steering linkage
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - bottom bracket adjuster

Learning to ride a long wheelbase recumbent is very easy - just push on the cranks and away you go. There is no learning curve at all.

The steering is both predictable and stable, so you can enjoy a trail ride, or zip around in the city in busy traffic.

Dual caliper brakes offer great stopping power, and the rear suspension will take out any of the bumps on the road or off the road for a very comfortable ride.

The position of the cranks is easily adjustable with this sliding bottom bracket that allows quick adjustments to suit riders of varying leg lengths. With only a wrench, toy can adjust the cranks to suit different riders at any time.

Build a Smooth Riding Recumbent Bike.

Voyageur LWB Recumbent - diy lwb
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - sliding bottom bracket
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - rear suspension
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - chain guide pulley

We design our plans so that anyone with a desire to build can make their own great looking home built recumbent bike.

Every single step of the build is shown in great detail, and the plans assume you have only the basic tools such as a hand drill, angle grinder, and a basic welder.

Only common bicycle parts are used, and the frame is made from hardware store steel square tubing. No experience necessary to build!

The under seat steering system only requires recycled parts taken from an old bike, such as the head tube, fork stem and the bearings. Even bent up discarded bikes offer many good parts, so tell your friends that you will take their old bikes.

Easy to Build Reliable Chain Drive Transmission.

Voyageur LWB Recumbent - rear frame design
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - chain guides
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - chain guide tube
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - fork parts

The entire transmission is made using standard bicycle components taken mostly form a single bike.

The chain is routed under the seat using a standard v-belt idler pulley, and the return chain is kept off the ground by a chain guide tube made from a garden hose.

There are no machined parts on this DIY recumbent LWB bike, just parts you can take from old bike or make yourself using basic hand tools.

The rear triangle taken from the original bicycle is installed without alterations so all of the standard bike accessories such as brakes, fenders and lights will fit as designed. The front forks are also in their standard original configuration.

Enjoy The View on Your Comfortable DIY LWB Recumbent Bike.

Voyageur LWB Recumbent - atomic zombie bike
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - head rest
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - steering tube
Voyageur LWB Recumbent - modified forks

On a recumbent bike, you are not hunched over the handle bars, you are sitting in a completely natural and relaxed position.

You can enjoy the view from all directions as you ride your comfortable DIY recumbent bike with a its full back support seat.

Put those scrap bikes to good use, and turn them into a great looking, and great riding recumbent bike that you can build easily.

If you have been looking for a DIY recumbent bike that is both easy to build and easy to ride, then the Voyageur recumbent bike plan is a great place to start. You can convert a working suspension bicycle into your own DIY long wheelbase recumbent bike in a few days using only the most basic tools and skills. Our DIY bike recumbent plans show you every step using high resolution photos and clear detailed text.

Voyageur LWB Recumbent - home built