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YardMule Electric Tractor

Build Your Own Versatile Yard Tractor & Dump Trike!

YardMule Electric Tractor - pulling log splitter
YardMule Electric Tractor - electric motor drive
YardMule Electric Tractor - motocycle handlebars
YardMule Electric Tractor - rear frame

The Yard Mule is an affordable DIY solution to the hauling, towing, and dumping problem that those who work their land are often up against.

For just a fraction of the cost of an ATV, you can build your own heavy duty workhorse that will outperform, outlast, and do exactly the jobs you want it to do.

You only need the most basic tools such as an angle grinder and a department store welder to build your own.

The Yard Mule is a slow moving vehicle with tremendous pulling power and cargo capacity that can be built using either an electric or gas engine, and it is designed to last a lifetime, requiring very little maintenance. This DIY Plan guides you through the entire build process, promoting creative alterations along the way so that you can design a vehicle from the parts you have available that does exactly what you want. We are all about recycle and reuse here!

Choose Your Engine Type and Power. Use Electric or Gas.

YardMule Electric Tractor - dump box chain
YardMule Electric Tractor - truck differential
YardMule Electric Tractor - motorcycle salvage
YardMule Electric Tractor - motorcycle head tube

You can choose to run on clean and silent electric power, or build your vehicle using a gas engine taken from a snowblower or other small machinery.

With its massive gear reduction transmission, The Yard Mule can multiply the power of your motor by over 20 times!

This vehicle is designed for a lifetime of service, and will remain almost maintenance free, ready to go to work when you are.

The foundation for this robust working vehicle is a car or truck differential. which you can salvage from any rear wheel drive vehicle. The make and model is not important, so just about any car yard will have one available that you can purchase for minimal cost.

Build a Large Dump Box That Can Carry a Ton or More.

YardMule Electric Tractor - working the homestead
YardMule Electric Tractor - permanent magnet electric motor
YardMule Electric Tractor - electric jack shaft
YardMule Electric Tractor - eletric motor and controller

The dump box shown here can carry 32 cubic feet, but you can certainly build one larger or smaller for your needs.

A retractile lever allows manual dumping of heavy loads so you can spread dirt or gravel just like a full size dump truck. You could even create a hydraulic dumper with a little extra hardware.

The rear tailgate can drop all the way down, lock half way, or be completely removed to carry much larger loads.

The Yard Mule's electric drive system is quiet running, maintenance free, and just loaded with incredible torque. You can install many different sizes and styles of electric motors to tailor both power and range to your needs, or even adapt the transmission for a gas engine.

Configure Your Dump Box to Make Your Work Easy.

YardMule Electric Tractor - tractor dump box
YardMule Electric Tractor - dump box frame
YardMule Electric Tractor - angle iron frame
YardMule Electric Tractor - dumping box lockout

The dump box can be made to any size or shape that suits your needs since there is plenty of room to modify the frame using your own creative ideas.

You can even remove the entire dump box by taking out 2 bolts, allowing you to swap it out for a completely different dump box or cargo bed of your own design.

Because the electric drive is so easy to control, you can even dump and drive at the same time in order to spread a load of dirt or gravel precisely.

The 32 cubic foot dump box that is shown in the plan is extremely durable and can be set to tip all the way over or as far as you want using the adjustable limiting chain. A locking pin secures your load for transport, even when driving over the most hostile terrain.

This Mule is Very Tame, and Easy to Control.

YardMule Electric Tractor - easy to drive
YardMule Electric Tractor - 24 volt battery bank
YardMule Electric Tractor - electric cuttoff switch
YardMule Electric Tractor - cargo box frame

With a top speed of a fast walking pace, The Yard Mule is easy to drive in tight spaces and safe for everyone.

You can turn around on a narrow country road, and the wide tires will not leave ruts in your lawn when you are moving your cargo around the yard.

Add a headlight, horn signal lights or even a radio so you can enjoy a safe and fun work day or night with your hard working DIY tractor.

Every single step of this project is detailed with clear text and photos, so even if this is the first large DIY project you have ever tackled, you will be able to follow along and build your own version of this versatile workhorse. We also have a support forum you can visit for advice.

Tows Like a Pickup Truck With The Weight of an ATV.

YardMule Electric Tractor - dump box lifter
YardMule Electric Tractor - differential repair
YardMule Electric Tractor - rear hitch frame
YardMule Electric Tractor - trailer hitch connection

The Yard Mule weights less than a large ATV, but can tow as much as a full sized pickup truck, even with the large dump box full with a heavy load.

Because the rear end is from the automotive world, it will take any amount of loading you can throw at it, and never need servicing.

When you consider the cost of even a small repair on an expensive ATV, you can probably build the entire DIY Yard Mule for less than that would cost you.

The standard towing hitch will take the same load that any full sized truck will, so you can drag your log splitter out in the bush, or move your camping trailer around the yard with ease. If it fits on the back of a pickup truck, then it will fit on The Mule as well!

Build Using The Parts You Have Available.

YardMule Electric Tractor - diy farm and homestead
YardMule Electric Tractor - frame design
YardMule Electric Tractor - grinder zip disc
YardMule Electric Tractor - basic steel frame

The completed vehicle will be a one of a kind design based on both the parts you choose as well as your own creative ideas.

You can do so much when you start with a solid foundation such as an auto differential, so let your imagination run wild on this one!

Every single scrap piece of metal is fair game for chopping, grinding and welding, and you will be surprised by what can be made from common recycled junk.

The Yard Mule can be built anywhere, including outdoors, and will require only the most basic tools such as an angle grinder, hand held drill, and any basic arc welder. All of the skills required to build this project can be learnt on the fly as you progress though the plan.

The Yard Mule Will Become Your Favorite Workhorse!

YardMule Electric Tractor - clean electric power
YardMule Electric Tractor - frame painting
YardMule Electric Tractor - rear differential install
YardMule Electric Tractor - tractor frame

Always ready to work hard, and never afraid to carry a heavy load, that's the kind of attitude you will get from this Mule!

Squeeze the throttle, and feel the massive power of that electric motor come to life, hardly making a sound while it rolls along on pure green energy.

At the end of the day, just plug in your charger and The Mule will be ready for another long working day by morning. No gas, no noise, and no maintenance!

Stop pushing that wheelbarrow around the yard and make one trip instead. Take your log splitter out to the bush and come back with a half cord of split firewood ready to stack. Move that 2000 pounds of creek water with an IBC in the back. Spread a long load of gravel on your driveway with ease. Pull your neighbors broken down ATV out of the bush again!

These are just a few of the many jobs that Your DIY Electric Dump Trike will do for you without ever complaining or costing you a fortune in repairs. Take pride in your own home built workhorse, and tackle all of your heavy lifting with unstoppable power!

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