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    Bike to trike conversions

    pictures high quality free I saw this ad and thought it was kinda cool.... but what do you think they mean by ""not china"" in DOUBLE quotes??
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    Tall bike recumbent

    This is old so people may have been there done that, but new to me and i can't decide if this is genius or stupid.
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    Adjustable swb

    I made a short wheel base recumbent for my first recumbent build and now i want to make another better one. I want it to be adjustable so different height people can use it, but this is proving to be a difficult task. I actually think adjusting the BB and chain each time might be easier than a...
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    bike research project

    I am conducting research for a University project on bikes/ riding and I'd really appreciate it if bike builders/ AZ members could make comments to make this an online focus group. It might be enjoyable and interesting for you too. Any comments small or detailed on 1 or many questions below are...
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    My 1st recumbent

    Hoi. So I've built a chopper bike and some other stuff previously, but I've always wanted a recumbent. Problem is, it seems like a massive undertaking (especially when i dream too big), but looking at the AZ SWB tutorial, i think I can start this simple one and actually get it done. It states...