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    Warrior Saddlebags

    This winter's project was to start leatherworking to make saddlebags. Here is what I came up with for the Warrior, one side is for carrying tools, the other side, first aid.
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    New Forum Online!

    Formatting worked great on android, I have a fold and changed back and forth between both a small and full screen and it adjusted perfectly without needing to refresh the page, same with rotating between landscape/portrait as well. Only question, the first article says figure 1, but the...
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    New Forum Online!

    It works on firefox on android as well.
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    New Tomahawk Seat

    Updated the seat. It's steam bent wood with foam, contact glued together. I also tilted the back section more upright, so I dont feel like I'm so reclined.
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    New warrior seat

    The seat was the part of the build I hated most, so I'm finally trying to make a new one. I'm steam bending 1/8th in thick wood and gluing layers together like a skateboard, then I'll glue foam on top. The original seat wasn't uncomfortable, but mine Just didn't come out like I wanted, I'm...
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    New seat ideas

    Now that its winter and riding season is over here, I'm looking toward what I'm going to work on, upgrade, tweak on the warriors I built. I'm finishing up fenders/mounting now and I think the seat is next. I have the stock foam and plywood from the manual and its comfortable, but I want...
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    A while back I posted a diy English wheel I built to build fenders. After a busy year job hunting, after the whole IT dept was outsourced to India, I finally am back to building. I had hoped to already be done by now because fall is when the most debris is on the trails around here, but life...
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    Warrior front wheels question?

    On the warriors I built it seems like the front wheels were always a trick to tighten enough, but not to tight, fight with spacers to make the 5/8 bolt fit the 20mm hub etc I just saw these at lowes and they fit perfectly into the hub, reduce the hole size to match the 5/8 bold and the flange...
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    Warrior head tube length?

    I'm making two warriors, so I'll get my first one back to use since everyone else likes riding it. They're not sure about under seat steering. So I'm going to try to set up these two with the ability to have under seat and above seat. My plan is to not cut down the head tubes or the fork...
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    An interesting take on a trike

    I'm surprised the front rims and axles are holding up under the stress of support only on one side. It seems to have a good turning radius though.
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    Tomahawk test ride

    I just went on the first test ride on a tomahawk I'm building. I still need to finish a few small details before paint but it was good enough to test. Wow this thing is super twitchy, it has one hell of a learning curve
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    Warrior Trike Build Thread

    I started building a warrior on Nov. 24th 2020. My first test ride was on March 1st, no paint, no gears and only 1 rear brake. After I verified it worked, I took it back apart, painted it reassembled and went on it's first ride of 10 miles on June 4. I had hoped to be done by the end of March...
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    Warrior build Questions

    I'm looking to start a warrior build,but I'm having a hard time finding old bikes with threaded stems much less matching ones. I have a tube off one that i can use for both sides, as itsover 5", but only one fork. Is there any reason why i can't split the threads from the one fork and weld them...