AZ inspired trike build starts!

I added 7 parts so the chain can't come off any more. I would ad that to the wheels on your bike. On a bumb, they will come off as you don't have the chain under tention.

Looking good BTW.

Thanks! Can you elaborate on the 7 parts? I don't quite understand.
Ah, that makes sense. I'd love to see a picture if you have one. I figure if the chain bounces on this one, it'll be pretty easy to drill a hole and use a bolt right above it as a keeper.
Ah, that makes sense. I'd love to see a picture if you have one. I figure if the chain bounces on this one, it'll be pretty easy to drill a hole and use a bolt right above it as a keeper.

This goes around and keeps the chain on it. There is a few mm space but the image is terrible. But the chain can't come off.
Yes, pics please, if possible.
I'm interested in seeing those myself.

Okay, you posted the pic just as I was posting this, LOL.
But thanx!
The Time, Energy, and Good Weather trifecta is complete! I started teardown of the Tri-Meridian in preparation for paint, which will come right after a good cleaning:

It is looking good.
What are you going to put on the back of the trike? You have a lot of space, to cary a lot with you.
Thanks! I have a plan to build a rack for the back, but I have abandoned it for the moment so that I can just get riding. I'll get that part finished perhaps over the winter.
This is what two cans of paint looks like so far. I'm out of time for today, but tomorrow I'll finish it off. I have a can of white paint I'm going to do the front part in. Either that or I'll go buy some more orange paint.

By just adding paint, it looks so different.

I needed about 4 on my frame and 1 for the black parts.
Just crazy how litle you can paint with it.
I went to the hardware store to get more of the "Rustic Orange" flat orange paint and... gone! No such thing anymore. I guess I should have purchased more at the time. Oh well. I finished it off in white, tried a two-tone thing there, it worked kinda, but my masking job on the starboard side wasn't as good.

Also terrible was the lighting! It looks better than this in real life. Mostly lol.

I got the jack shaft and tie rod painted white, and the stem is another color which I'll reveal later.
I had thge same problem with the paint. The shop near me had no more paint in the color i needed. Luckely there ar 3 more stores in my town that sell it and else 2 paint stores.

Ye photo's make it look different than it realy is.
But for what i can see, it looks good.
Yes, the photos look quite different. They look better 😜 This thing will look fine going down the road, I just hope nobody examines it too closely! It's definitely not perfect. But then again that's the beauty. Imperfect is attainable by anyone, even chuckleheads like me!
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As it is all build, it won't be that visible. My build isn't perfect and after i put everything on it, it was all hidden away for others.
More progress. I used this stuff called STEEL-IT which is a rust inhibiting paint that contains actual flecks of steel. Neat stuff. I ran out of it rather quickly, since it was only a sample can. I used grey spray paint to finish off whatever else was needed. I also need to paint the bottom bracket assembly as I somehow forgot all about that! It too will be grey. Here's how she sits at the moment:


You can see the over spray pretty well, but oh well. if I had more of that paint I'd touch it up, but that paint is long gone, and I'm not going to paint the whole thing again just to fix that little spot. Maybe I'll mask it off and paint it grey and then tell people its on purpose for some stupid reason lol.
Lookin' good!
It's amazing how DIY projects come together so quickly in those few days we have to spare.
Sometimes my works in progress sit for half a year and then get completed in one free afternoon!