Tilter mk3

Thank-you. It's not as stable as a regular tadpole, hence the damper. Ackermans are much less important due to the leaning. The scrub is not overly noticeable and tyre wear is fine. If there's any realistic way of sorting the Ackermans then it's evaded me anyway. It's fairly stable up to about 20mph. Above that it likes to wag and by 35mph it's a white knuckle ride waiting to bite without the damper. The damper reduces that but it's a control mechanism not a cure. I wouldn't build one of these as an everyday rider both because of that inherent lack of stability and also the braking gets tiring. Alan had his as pull to brace and I have push to brace and I'm happy with that choice. The rear brake gets used as much as possible with the fronts only being used when the rear won't do the job. If you start to use the fronts a lot then your arms feel the effort and ultimately that reduces the total braking available. As a fun occasional ride it's great but it's not a commuter. Watching folk stare as you gratuitously lean or someone who understands that a trike shouldn't lean asking about it is very satisfying.
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