Warrior build - work in progress and questions

It may be the angle you have that at ?

Don't those cables usually run down parallel to the tube the derailleur is mounted on ?


more like this ?

It may be the angle you have that at ?

Don't those cables usually run down parallel to the tube the derailleur is mounted on ?


more like this ?


I see what you mean, this can be made ;-) My derailleur came without the ring below the front derailleur like you have in your picture. With my temporary hack I was at least able to change front gears, but it won't win prices.
Not mine I am afraid , just a good picture to show what I mean.

Mine does not use a bracket ? it uses a drilled bolt and nut going through the plate meant to mount the stand ?


Great, thank you all for your feedback. I will shorten the bar with the nuts and use a 90 deg wire guide bend to improve the line of the cable.

Hi all,
It took some time, but after all my first build warrior is finished, ready to roll and packed for transport.
The next one will be a crossover from a streetfox (rear) with a warrior with added electric assistance.
Thanks for your help, tips and ideas!
Best, Gertjan/Kiezel

HI all, now the weather is getting better I am working on the trike to get it moving to my likings. Unfortunately I have discovered that shifting on the rear gears is near to impossible (as in, 3 of positions are available, for the rest the rear-derailleur doesn't get it).

Probably this has something to do with chain length, but other problems (or in combination with each other) may have led to this behaviour.

So, will you please take a look and provide me with some directions so I can solve this? See pictures for a situation description.
Any help is welcome, thanks for your ideas!

[url=https://postimg.cc/DSDFKyJ8] [/URL]
You have screwed up your img posting in some way ?


However your rear mech position is totally wrong , may be an easy fix ?

It should look more like this :-


Try reading this :- Rear mechs explained it may simple be that your B stop is not adjusted correctly or not behind the mech hanger ?

This may of may not help Adjusting , most articles seem far more complicated than the actions are !

Agreed. The adjuster screw near where the cable goes in looks to be way too far in pushing the mech up. The mech hanger looks to be rotated forward. The mech itself is mounted forward of the axle and needs to go backwards. Rear dreailleurs typically mount behind and below the axle.
Thank you gentlemen, I will have a look into it and try to fix it. It used to work before I stripped and painted the whole contraption :unsure:
Again, thanks a lot! There was a loose screw, it's fixed now. Then the shifter cable became loose, is now tightened. And changed the rear gears from the hill-set to the flat-land set (11-24 instead of 11-36). So all in all this is pretty much done.
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