Built for a tree walk and to make a point during a forestry degree, the only existing photo of my wooden recumbent. She lasted for many miles, finally retired when my son broke the bottom bracket on his way home from his last day of school. The frame and parts remain, repair one day?
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Love it! You have any drawings showing more detail? Are those 2x4's for the body? How fast she go?
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I am really sorry to inform you there are no drawings. It's really only a Y shaped beam with the rear wheel mounted below and the head tube glued into a through hole in the beam. This is the only image I have of the bike, I still have the frame my bottom bracket adjustment design was poor and my son busted the bottom bracket on his way home from school a few years back.
The bike was built in a little shed, I cut a template for the main frame member and laminated a sandwich of different timbers, I had a thin sliver of mahogany for the top and bottom laminates. handlebar stem was walnut, rear mudguard support ash, and seat a pine frame with thin slivers of cotoneaster for the seat slats (these proved a little fragile too). I rode the bike around Dublin for a couple of weeks soon after I built it (I was studying Forestry in the university there) but Usually rode my commercial electric recumbent instead, www.youtube.com/c/timfromtang first video.
As for how she rode, the handling was middling only, I need to reduce the head angle ( and may do one day if and when i rebuild the bike), The bottom bracket design made her CREAKY and so I imagine some power was lost there. (again since this is broken a serious improvement will be needed, I'll likely go for a rigid design and use an adjustable seat instead. (seat will need attention on a rebuild too)
She sure was a head turner and made me NOTORIUS amongst the forestry dept at the uni, people would hear the creak CREAK creek coming up behind no bell needed.
Having thought about things a bit thanks for your comment
Should have said that at the beginning of my reply.

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