Dale Rider

53 years riding various (6 operational now) 2 wheel cycles, including 2 Lambrettas* and a Suzuki Burgman 650cc* scooter. (*now gone)
45 years engineering experience which covered all machine types, lathes, capstan, millers, grinders. Went from Shopfloor machining to Work Study, Organisational Improvement, Production Office planning, Sales Office estimating, eventually CNC programming and manager of CNC Lathes and multi axis Millers working in the Technical department along side of the drawing office. Not to mention a spell looking after the network of computers. Wrote a program called 'Job Evaluation and Estimating' in Pascal, which is still in use. Cambridge University qualified as a MS Visual Basic programmer wrote a program in that for material weights calculating, still used.
58 years aeromodelling specializing in control line combat winning the John Oliver trophy in 2016. I make fuel tanks from tinplate as well using epoxy resin glass fibre and carbon fibre. I now can vacuum pull epoxy moulds.
My own workshop has 4 lathes, 3 millers, 2 CNC routers, a large band saw, CNC foam cutter, also 3 3D printers and 3 laser cutters, one having over a 1.2 metre bed, 100 Watts and a TIG welder.
My computing days started with Atari 8 bit computers way back in 1980/81, being the first to own one in Nottinghamshire for sure.
I still own many 8 bit computers along with Arduino and Raspberry Pi computers.
So my experience with materials and design is quite broad and in depth, I like to design in 2D and 3D and currently I am designing recumbent trikes and 2 wheel low racers.
Easily over 20,000 miles ridden on bikes, that's just work travel, recreational use would double that but harder to quantify.
Sep 5, 1955 (Age: 67)
Nottinghamshire. UK
Retired, engineer.


I would say, I've made more 'STUFF' than most people! And still at it!