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    I mean friken' lasers! (ways to mark your trike as your own)

    So... My eldest got a laser etcher, and a 3D printer a few years back. She's not terribly inclined to use them of late, having been pursuing a course of study and then covid-19 challenges in completing a course in Paramedicine. She's graduated now, and living the dream of driving the "Wee Woo!"...
  2. Safety Stickers - ownership stickers

    Safety Stickers - ownership stickers

    Just a few ideas using a small laser etcher, and a couple of bits of retroreflective tape
  3. Property of DK Dragon.jpg

    Property of DK Dragon.jpg

    This is what the item looks like using flash photography, but when too close - it's taped down because it wants to curl.
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    And, this is what it looks like when you put it a distance out, and let the angles for the flash LED really shine.
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    Jon's Warrior Build

    Agreed the buttons and joystick are a challenge. A light touch of silicone to hold an o-ring that just stays inside the perimiter of the rubber pad for the joystick comes to mind. Thin silicon rubber sheet or button covers that are sealed to the acrylic so you can click the buttons might work...
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    Jon's Warrior Build

    Cool. I tend to over engineer my solutions to problems😁. I would still put some sort of clear plate there, then the hood so I could read it in daylight - I have been caught out in some weird windy storms over the years, and a hood wouldn't be enough to keep rain from 'spinning' into the display...
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    Jon's Warrior Build

    Nice build. curious how you plan to weather proof the display and still have use of the joystick and buttons. I see two screw holes which I presume are for a clear cover of some sort?
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    Happy new year

    Happy New Year from the nation's capital (Canada of course)! (well, in 7 min or so, as my youngest fires up Animal Crossing on her Switch).
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    Hub or mid drive?

    So, while the welder is still gathering dust, and I start to have free time again I'm looking to modify my commercial TerraTrike GranTourismo. They used to have a Falco based hub motor conversion kit, but issued a recall, and have now gone over to the Bosch mid-drive on a replaceable boom...
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    Warning UK declare Mild Steel welding as dangerous to your health

    I feel this is a case of "ask me how I know...." A phrase that seems to come up in all of the Standard First Aid courses I take in order to meet Scouting requirements. Thanks for the giggle DannyC! (Just getting caught up after a long absence for a whole host of reasons) DK