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    Tube bending

    An internet site called Recycled Recumbents has a cheap way to make a mesh seat frame with links to fabric suppliers. Made the seats for my quad this way and would highly recommend this site.
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    I mean friken' lasers! (ways to mark your trike as your own)

    I wonder if this could be used on metal parts of the bike after painting to give more proof of ownership if a bike is stolen and then recovered by authorities. I heard some bike thieves are putting their own locks on bikes that are locked and trying to claim ownership. Not sure how the heck that...
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    The advise I got from a trailer builder was to put the axle slightly behind the center point of the trailer body, not including the tongue. Now this is on a non folding trailer body. The problem with it folding is your going to have to move the axle forward of the fold or hinge joint. This will...
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    Looking for help on ideas on wheel and hub sizes for a trike project

    I wouldn’t go with 26” for the front because your going to have to make the front wider to avoid peddle and foot scruff from the tires when you turn. If you want to get through a 36” door you’ll have to make the fronts 20”. I’m not sure about the 24”, I’ve only used them for the rear so far...
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    Trike wheels

    I’ve ridden a trike with separate left and right front brake handles. I found that in an emergency it’s easy to squeeze just one handle and end up in a right or left slide. Personall, I’m going with a single handle duel brake set up, for safety.
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    Pull behind camper

    I’ve checked into boat solar vent fans to help keep the trailer cooler on the road. A small closet battery push light should be plenty for my needs. I’m putting a 110 volt receptacle at the front of the trailer for a small flat screen. I figure a lot of parks have large gazebos with 110 outlets...
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    Pull behind camper

    I laid on my bed and did some measuring to find what I needed to sit up and what I needed for sleeping. I came up with 3’ wide, 3’ tall and 7 1/2’ long. I can lay my sleeping pad or air mattresses down place my sleeping bag on top of that and have enough room for my gear. My next one after this...
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    I put new wider tires on it that give a more comfortable ride than it had before. I also added protection between the tires and the tubes to lower the chance of flats.
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    The next version of the trailer will have disk brakes, to help on hill descents.
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    The front side door will be a hatch design so you can sit in the doorway even during a rain and enjoy the fresh air.
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    Pull behind camper

    I thought about the corrugated plastic but many of the parks around here are full of old trees that occasionally drop branches during storms. So I thought the steel frame with a fiberglass cover might provide a bit more protection. Also grounding the steel tubing could provide protection in a...
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    Pull behind camper

    I saw Paul Elkins design but was worried about safety. I figured the small amount of steel in the upper frame would give a stronger cabin in a storm. The next version will be an aluminum square tube frame. This will make floor installation and fiberglassing easier. Good luck on your build.
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    Machinist Needed

    I boxed up the 2 completely finished hub adapters. I’ll have to have my son set up a PayPal account for me tomorrow. Here’s my phone number, you can call or text me so we can finish the arrangements 712-490-1463. Since I’m a retired letter carrier, I’d prefer to send them Priority Post, that...
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    Machinist Needed

    I fired up my old laptop and found the plans. It says 1.375” x 24 TPI Freehub Thread. It says to use mild steel, I had mine made from aluminum to save weight. I think I might have had some steel ones made but they don’t have screw holes done.
  15. Pull behind for quad bike

    Pull behind for quad bike