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    Dropped handlebars - why?

    When I was in shape, I could pass guys like that with my fixed gear mountain bike conversion. It's just for looks. Race bikes sell race-like bikes.
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    Cerberus - Robot Protector of The Realm!

    I remember when I was a kid, I didn't realize that the only difference between 75mhz and 72mhz was the band allocation. I thought that 75mhz was unsuitable for RC planes, and 72mhz would fail on the ground. There were also a lot of superstitions about the antenna length- I was terrified to mess...
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    Cerberus - Robot Protector of The Realm!

    With independent brakes on the driven axle (aka 'cutting brakes') it should be able to spin on its own axis, just about! Looking good :)
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    This is where I work!

    As for playing the long game, I have parts on my new trike build that I've been holding onto for 10+ years! And I designed the the trike in 2015. It's taken a long time to get everything needed to build it, but we're there now. Now I just need to finish it. Hopefully that won't take another 10...
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    110v welder

    Someday I'd love to give simple Oxy-Acetylene welding a try. It looks a lot like TIG, but without the electricity. I wonder why more aren't doing it?
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    articulated hub motor

    I agree- lengthen the wheelbase while not making the seat any farther from the front. Right now the seat is essentially on the rear axle, ruining weight distribution. Great for wheelies, apparently.
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    Cerberus - Robot Protector of The Realm!

    Recutting a splined axle shaft with hand tools- I love it! This is the kind of stuff that got me reading your book, Brad. I love doing the right stuff the wrong way!
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    AZ inspired trike build starts!

    Ah yes that makes good sense. Goes right on the shaft itself, which is even less work- I love it!
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    AZ inspired trike build starts!

    Ah, that makes sense. I'd love to see a picture if you have one. I figure if the chain bounces on this one, it'll be pretty easy to drill a hole and use a bolt right above it as a keeper.
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    110v welder

    I built my first welder out of two microwave oven transformers: That one is long gone, or I'd still be using it. I bought a 110V stick welder last year on Amazon for $115, and it works great. Over the weekend I...
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    AZ inspired trike build starts!

    Thanks! Can you elaborate on the 7 parts? I don't quite understand.
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    TEN YEARS in the making!!! Presenting the M-1.5!!!

    Ah! Well I'm glad that you were able to do that at the very least. And 1mi isn't too far to get down there and give it a ride :)
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    Hello from a newbie

    Here's the welder I have. I'm very happy with it, especially for the price
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    AZ inspired trike build starts!

    I forgot to add the pic of the frame from the front. Because of the seat mount not being simply 1/2" more forward (everything's clearer in hindsight) I had to offset the front mounds just slightly: Everything is just sitting there loosely in the picture. The frame will bolt to the mounts...