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    Mig Welder conversion.

    Not to difficult to do. I have plenty of gas valves in stock if you ever need one. .
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    Announcing very last minute Zombie meeting in the UK

    I suppose to work next week, it depends on my work load if I can take time off. If I join you, I will arrive around 3-4 PM Tuesday. I have your mobile number. I phone or text Tuesday morning if I can join you.
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    Recumbent trike choice

    A alternative for disc brake hubs is the Sturmey-Archer SD hubs with drum brake. You have to lace them yourself, I have just done a pair, it's not to difficult. It's only a 12mm axel, but they are made with a single side fitting, but if...
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    Recumbent trike choice

    Welcome, The seat hight can be altered by a slight alteration of the frame design or by propping up the seat. If you look at most recumbent trike manufacturer they do low sport models and higher adventure models.
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    My life with Python trikes Mk1 , Mk1.5 , Mk2 ?

    Just a observation, You have a narrow lock nut inside the dome nut, is there a second look nut on the brake side? Because, I noticed that on the archive picture #859 there is only one lock nut and it's fitted on the brake side. Does it make a different?
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    cutting metal with a Evolution mitre saw

    I know some off us got intrigued by Evolutions claim of sawing metal with there mitre saw. But the reality was that the cutting surface was rough and you were splattered with hot metal shavings during the cut. That's what happened to me anyway. A year ago my first blade was worn and I replaced...
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    Mambo"esque" trike, the resurrection

    Or maybe I should have named it "the transformation" Popshot kindly donated his leftover frame from his Mambo"esque" trike Thank you very much. My plan is to make some minor changes to make the tadpole ridable again. Popshot project...
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    E-bike brake advice needed

    Thanks, I expected there be a reason. I can't use a factory fitted brake lever on one of my projects, but I have a set, have anyone removed the sensor from the brake handle? The other option I have is the brake sensors used on hydraulic brakes, with a magnet releasing the switch, anyone used...
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    E-bike brake advice needed

    I'm working on 2 E-bike setups, both work with true torque sensors, i.e. the motor only assist you when you apply torque. My concern is about the brake control. E-bike brakes handles includes a motor disconnect switch. You wouldn't pedal when you brake, so is that switch necessary with a torque...
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    Disc Brakes on StreetFighter

    The zombie way is to make hub washers and weld to the axel, it's not difficult, just a lot of drilling. I had a donor wheel and made the washer with holes to match the original hub. If you can find large washers with correct inside dia. you only have the drilling to do.
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    Project chopper

    Thanks popshot, emil and stormbird. Went to bed with a brain storm and this morning my solution is to add a "downtube" from the seating area to the bottom bracket, It will stabilise the frame and also simplify the fixing of the bottom brackets tube. Then to finish the build and if a problem...
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    Project chopper

    here is probably some flex in both, but mostly in the fork, if you bounce the front wheel you can notice a bend which springs back immediately. The fork tubes are 25 x 1.6mm tubes which I thought from the beginning could be a problem. I bent a sheet of 5mm steel into the lower fork holder and...
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    Project chopper

    Most of the welds got more tacks on today and a temporary seat and handle bars was added, so for the first time I put weight on the frame. The frame seems rigid enough, but there is some flex in the fork. When I sit on the seat the top of the fork drops about 10-20mm, it would give a comfortable...
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    Warrior build - work in progress and questions

    I did it this way, used a standard 90deg wire guide bend, from a brake I think. Worked with no problem for 2 years now.