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    DIY battery

    That's a good price for the power they give.
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    Looking for help on ideas on wheel and hub sizes for a trike project

    The bigger wheels will be better for mounting and dismounting curbs but will be weaker for cornering. No bike wheel is expected to take any cornering stress and the bigger the wheel the larger the lever on the rims. If you corner hard there's a good chance that 24 " or bigger will simply fold...
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    My life with Python trikes Mk1 , Mk1.5 , Mk2 ?

    Is the guy on the crutches an ex-flevo rider!
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    My life with Python trikes Mk1 , Mk1.5 , Mk2 ?

    I have them on my tilter and it's a perfectly easy and intuitive set-up to use. Don't forget that because you are leaning the amount of turn is very little.
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    Pull behind camper

    Weight is a big issue for anything I pedal any distance and every journey home is uphill as I live at the top of one. I'm sure it would be more enjoyable to live in a valley and have the homeward journey downhill.
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    My life with Python trikes Mk1 , Mk1.5 , Mk2 ?

    You can have your cake AND eat it. Put the bars on the non-tilting part, pivot them at the bottom and run rods to the steering part. Balance and steering, dual purpose bars. It doesn't have to be either / or.
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    Pull behind camper

    I suppose you can accept the extra weight penalty for the extra luxury being in one of the flattest places on Earth.:)
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    Pull behind camper

    I assume the Dream Box is a converted car roof box which is quite a good place to start from IMO if building your own. It would be hard to make anything as big any lighter or as waterproof and the side material ought to be easy enough to make plus the added bonus of not being overly affected by...
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    Warrior trike frame jigs

    When welding the uprights to the arms slot some studding through the axle mounts to keep the two wheels in the same plane.
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    Warrior trike- 1st build

    You are going to swap mid drive units for winter and summer!? Seems an odd thing to do but I'll look forward to you making one.
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    Adapting for (really) big and tall?

    You could take the easy option of an air shock and simply pump it to the required resistance. You could alter the rocker ratio of the rear triangle but that would limit travel a little or you could weld on two sets of mounts for two std suspension units.
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    DIY battery

    They have one female and one male thread designed to stack end to end. That makes a somewhat awkward shape battery to my mind. Of course you don't have to stack them that way and can use a nut or bolt in the ends.
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    Polymer bicycle spokes ? Was this video made April 1st ? ...

    They will have an advantage at spoke replacement time when one single spoke can easily be threaded into place unlike steel.
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    DIY battery

    In my experience UK customs seem to take a greater interest in things that come from the USA rather than China. I suspect that many Chinese parcels contain cheap stuff and have very poor paperwork making getting duties not worthwhile whereas USA parcels have a higher average value and better...
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    Taking inspiration from the Warrior.

    Look a well equipped place you've got there.