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    fat delta

    Nice wheels! Can the little mid drive move the trike on its own, or is it just for assist? Brad
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    Tomahawk with a 26" wheel? Steel MTB with large diameter bottom bracket and steering tube?

    With your height, it might just work! A wood mockup using 2x2's is a great way to find out. More parts... also a good idea, since no design is ever complete, and you will always want to build more. Brad
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    AZ inspired trike build starts!

    Lookin' great! Oh yeah, the PWOD! I agree with that and don't often use them anymore. While I do admit to using a larger diameter PWOD than the grinder calls for, they are scary nonetheless! I had one snag on a corner and it took the grinder from my hands. Being looked on the on position, it...
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    Retrieving post from the old archived threads

    Thanks. If I ever have an empty unix hosting to spare, I will drop the old beast back on for a few months. It will still function as read only, but it just can't live on my new host. Shared hosting will even work, but the only other server I have (spare) is windows hosting. Brad
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    Built me a RoboLaundry Line!

    Thanks all! When anyone outside this farm asks me to build anything, I just add thier name to the end of my list. Currently, said list will span the circumference of the globe 14 times! But now that I can do laundry more efficiently, favor tasks get moved up to ETA... 567 years. Brad
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    Built me a RoboLaundry Line!

    I know... why??! The usual answer... why not!!? I try to take Sundays off, and I had a nice sunny day recently, so this was a fun and practical project. Having 15 steps up to the front door means no more traversing with the basket, and no more bending since everything is placed within standing...
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    Retrieving post from the old archived threads

    I wish I had something other than bad news, but I don't. They are gone. Beginning this year, I was faced with a decision; shut down AZ or try to fix the old site and get hosting costs under control. I spent a few months redoing everything from the old windows host to more modern unix, and...
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    Egg with 4 wheels

    Great build log, thanks for sharing!! Brad
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    9 YEARS in the MAKING?!! The big reveal soon!!!

    Here is another Purple Pirate looking for a twin!
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    Fat SWB started at last

    They probably didn't do the proper method of initial inflation; inflate to 3 psi, work the bead, let the air out, then inflate again. Brad
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    AZ inspired trike build starts!

    Flap discs rock! Keep them when they are really worn too, the are great paint removers. I have used the same almost smooth flap disc for the last 10 years to take all paint off all of the bikes and trikes I have made for this site. Brad
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    Charging laptop battery?

    I am not sure this is what you want, unless you have actually cracked open the pack to determine what kind of ballancing and internal charge monitoring circuitry it has with it (if any). The charger you linked to looks like it was made for balanced 18650 cells that do not have active balancing...
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    Egg with 4 wheels

    Cool conversion, looks similar in design to the Velo I never got to complete. brad
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    So I Got This Little Scratch.... (WARNING! GRAPHIC!!!)

    Yeah, save the bleeding for the test ride... then it's actually an achievement! My elbows carry many a battle scar. Brad
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    AZ inspired trike build starts!

    Good work on making your own brake stud plates! Brad