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    YardMule Electric Tractor vs Excavator!

    It's 160 acres of mostly untouched wilderness, an hour from the nearest town. In my area, you can get a large plot for the price of a new truck. Our house is on 7 cleared acres and I use the rest for wood heat, although barely making a dent to take 5 cords per year. Brad
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    YardMule Electric Tractor vs Excavator!

    The YardMule DIY Electric Tractor hauls 30 loads of dirt away from an excavation site. Since I had to cross a septic field and didn't want to mark up my lawn, the Mule was perfect for the job. Even after working for 4 hours up and down the massive hill to the dump site, the batteries were still...
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    What are these then ?

    Thanks, that makes sense. Brad
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    Looks great!!
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    What are these then ?

    On another note, since I have mostly British bookmarks in my youtube playlist and on the TV (just better quality mostly), I often wondered something. Randomly the brits seem to swap words that end in "A" such as Canada with an "ER", so it sounds like Canader. I have been trying to figure out...
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    What are these then ?

    I bet there are more than a few hints in this great movie... Brad
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    The rim I chopped for OverKill was a 15 inch. Thanks, Brad
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    Differential apparently- Anyone explain it?

    It would work in theory but be 100% useless. The mechanical advantage working against the tiny sprocket would shred it to bits. A perfect title for this patent would be "A Device to Stretch or Snap Small Chains".
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    Old News, but lots of fun.

    I remember when that video was "fresh"... probably have a copy of it in my archives! Most of that equipment in the box is also on a shelf behind me. Well, I don't actually have a beeb, but many others of the era. Brad
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    Others bikes throughout the world•DIY Freakshow

    The Keg Bike would make a great base for a steam powered bike!
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    Merry Christmas 2022.

    Happy Holidays to everyone! Just back from my job up North and hoping to get a day off in between shoveling out from that crazy storm! Cheers! Brad
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    Ok so questions is ? IS IT REAL ?

    Some click buttons and make renders, some make sparks, skin their knuckles and make real...
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    Trouble connecting to web site

    If you are using the same ISP on both devices then it is most likely an issue on the computer. What browser is doing this? I have never heard of a black list error. Cheers, Brad
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    Don't understand this one?

    If you imagine the rear segment "hanging" from the front, then it makes some sense. Unloaded, you would probably need to put some leg muscle into keeping it stable at low speeds. With a passenger in the rear, it would self balance. That's my guess! Brad