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    MJ’s Streetfox build

    For the chain guide. I used plumbing Pex. it's very cheap for 8 foot lengths, easy to shape with a heat gun and even flute the ends. I read the noise on the chain guides comes from the chain hitting the end of the tube as it enters and exits the pipe, so they flute them to make it more quiet...
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    New to this forum and recumbents

    I found bikes on offerup and craigslist. If you need just a steering head and tube, kids bikes work as well, they're the same size as adult bikes and kids always are growing out of them. I also found a good bike in the local scrap yard, all it needed was air in the tires so I turned it into a...
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    Parts thread…

    When I finished my first build, the parts I didn't like were the ones I salvaged. I had a newly arranged old trike. The next two trikes I built I used as many affordable new parts as I could, cables, shifters, brakes, etc. and have slowly replaced them on my first trike as well. I found that it...
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    Warrior Brakes

    The 3 warriors made have a dual pull on the left for the front brakes. I never thought about it being twice the work like mentioned above, but i can still pull it with one or two fingers. I put a Vbrake on the rear wheel and it stops the trike really well, it also makes power sliding possible.
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    Streetfox build

    Is the air in the front tires the same?
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    Warrior Trike Build Thread

    No they were just a green tinted like that when i bought them. They were the cheapest rims so I bought them I guess no one wanted green.
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    Warrior Trike Build Thread

    Reassembled after powder coating. This is the same trike at the start of this thread that was off white. I didn't like the lack of durability with the paint, so it was off to powder coating. I also added a V brake on the rear wheel and cable guides.
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    Tomahawk test ride

    Thank you, It's a hammer tone finish the powder coater had, I never realized how many different looks powder coating can do.
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    Tomahawk test ride

    Back from the powder coater and assembled. First test ride is today!
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    DIY English Wheel

    I'm not super worried about the "throat" depth. I don't have plans for it other than bike fenders. I figured if I made a really fat fender that was like 6" wide, I would still be good because I only would need 3" of clearance on the inside, then I could flip the fender around do to the other...
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    DIY English Wheel

    I want fenders for the bike and trikes I made, unfortunately they're expensive, as are english wheels, so here is my DIY wheel. Now off to learn how to make a fender.
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    Merica' Wheel!
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    Warrior Trike Centre Angle

    I have a few pictures of the jig (I totally copied from spinner) for making that part easier, less guess work and more consistent. Just measure your tires and use a piece of wood for a mock tire, add a mock axel and clamp it all in place