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    headset washers

    My mother had a knee operation, at 70 something, after which she often said, "I think that the anaesthetic has interfered with my memory." Within 12 months or so she obviously could not remember or identify her children and couldn't remember beyond a few hours. Anaesthetics are dangerous things...
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    Others bikes throughout the world•DIY Freakshow

    It is all attitude, and there is too much of the wrong sort out there. I had a guy say to me the other day, "You guys should pay registration." I told him that I did, for the car. Next time I will be replying with, "I hadn't thought of that. Damn good idea. Then we will be entitled to claim...
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    VK3CKC's eLecTricks Trike Design and Build.

    Took my mostly-completed and functioning temporary Warrior dashboard out for a test ride over the last few days. Seemed to take forever to get it to that stage. A few observations ... In its current position, the turn indicator switch is not conveniently enough located although, on the Warrior...
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    DIY Electric Tractor and Dump Trike!

    Brad: Having built the Mule and used it to get all that wood in, you must be starting to feel all warm about it by now.
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    The "Transcender"... comments welcome!

    But then, a paddle wheeler would work in snow, on the ground and in water. Steering might be a problem but maybe two paddle wheels with the ability to brake one side might work.
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    So What's The Deal With Runners?

    People are losing the ability to socialise with fellow humans using spoken words. It is difficult enough in a car (passenger) to send a text without errors and it would be nigh on impossible for a runner to do it. If it was possible to send each runner a text there may be a different response.
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    Parts Drawings and Hub Flange Templates Online.

    Paper: Something that folks used to draw on before computers came about and created even more paper, but with printing on it instead. Heck, making the paper these days is even controlled by a computer.
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    So What's The Deal With Runners?

    Maybe raising a hand destroys their rhythm and would knock precious fractions of a second off their recorded time?
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    Ed's 'StreetRunner' Quad Build

    I'm waiting for the first time that Ed gets pulled over for a licence and registration check. It must be getting closer.
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    VK3CKC's eLecTricks Trike Design and Build.

    If you are only going to charge your phone, a battery bank type charger might be the easiest/simplest/cheapest. You will end up with the phone battery time plus the battery bank. Charge both at night and you are covered.
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    VK3CKC's eLecTricks Trike Design and Build.

    There are a couple of reasons for going "over the top" on some of this. I have an interest in electronics, actually a bit more than an interest. I had an interest from about 12 years old (electronics and amateur radio) but went back to school at 55 years and got an Advanced Diploma of...
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    AZ inspired trike build starts!

    When I worked for a shade sail company years ago, I spoke to an engineer regarding the relative strength of round posts compared to square/rectangular posts. He said that square is weaker if the strain is not perpendicular to the flat sides i.e, diagonally across the square section. If diagonal...
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    VK3CKC's eLecTricks Trike Design and Build.

    Yes, I guess it is not that different and I have found the frame handy for hanging onto at times. It hasn't really changed my mount and dismount much at all. I just have to be a little more conscious of where I put my feet when getting on. The dashboard frame does come in handy when lowering...
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    VK3CKC's eLecTricks Trike Design and Build.

    Here is the first image of two. Note that it is only a rough, temporary mount to my Warrior for testing components for later incorporation, neatly, into my new trike. By the time I get to fitting accessories to the new trike, everything should e road tested and approved. That's the plan anyway...
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    VK3CKC's eLecTricks Trike Design and Build.

    I will get a picture for you later today. Currently 8.50am here. All I have is a bolt (so that it is removable whenever) that fixes the lower ends of the frame to the front wheel arms, just in from the kingpins. Of course, the flat face of the frame does not match the angle of the trike frame so...