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    LWB (Tourmaster) stability climbing hills

    I went trough loose sand on my trike. As it is to loose, it is impossible to ride trough it. My 2 front wheels got stuck and my rear wheel was spinning. As the loose sand isn't that deep, you can ride trough it, but it isn't easy.
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    Design principles for a solar/electric/pedal outback machine

    Hi Alex. On a recumbent trike it is a lot easier to ride long distances. But it depends on the underground. In loose sand I got stuck, where others could keep riding. A recumbent trike works best on hard underground. I have a taptole but I think that a delta is better for what you want to do...
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    Jon's Warrior Build

    O that's nice.
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    Jon's Warrior Build

    It looks good. Do you have the tools to do it yourself? To check the tention? I looked also ad videos on YouTube for that. I only did that so I could finish my 3D model. Wanted it to look good.
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    Jon's Warrior Build

    Here it is terrible. Most shops only help as you by trough them. Just a few want yo help and one is a BMX shop. He is great and made my last wheels. I go again to him. Very nice guy that delivers great quality for a very low price. One shop was terrible. They couldn't even help me with my drive...
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    Jon's Warrior Build

    Next week I go yo a bike store to talk about the drive train for my trike. He will also put it togheter for me. I don't have the tools and don't want to invest in that. They did it also for my other trike.
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    Jon's Warrior Build

    I do the same. Takes less time and easy as you need more.
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    Going gor my second build.

    I can let my frame be powder coated for a nice price. It will be sanded and I can choose different colors for separate parts. I am thinking to do multy collor. Steering from handle bars to where the wheels are mounted all black. Same with the luggage carriers. Only I am thinking to make the...
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    Jon's Warrior Build

    That is a very nice set. I am getting similar shifter for the rear. Front I have a motor. You only need more chains. I needed a bit more than 3, but I changed the frame design of the warrior, so I think that mine is a bit longer.
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    Going gor my second build.

    I added the rear part. Not 100% right, but the few mm of the hole placement isn't that bad. I only added to see how it looks with the rear.
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    Going gor my second build.

    This is what I got today. Not very happy that it isn't complete, but the parts I got, look good.