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    DIY battery

    So i'm thinking of going electric with the TongSheng TSDZ2 36V 250W. Battery wise I am also thinking of DIYing it. After looking around these Vicore LiFePo4 15aH cells look like a good buy at small money I have searched a good bit and it...
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    Pictures of Tongsheng install please.

    Hi all, I recently got my Street Fox back on the road after a strip down and rebuild. I set out with the intention of making it an Ebike but didn't just yet. I am now toying with retro-fitting a 250W Tongsheng mid-drive, or starting from scratch with a Warrior build. The Tongsheng seems like the...
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    Thinking of rebuilding my Street Fox, looking for ideas.

    Hi all, I built a Street Fox about 6 years ago, but never really got much use out of it because I found it just to heavy for the hilly conditions around here. I was planning on getting it bnack on the road again this year and low and behold but didn't a storm come along and collapse the shed it...