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  1. Popshot

    How much axle is needed on a delta

    Or a quad for that matter. AZ plans recommend 3/4" but that is for fairly short axle lengths. I'm planning a quad with a track of 900 to 1000mm. My original idea is to use 3/4" but I'm wondering if more will be needed. The axle will be suspended which will help and I'll need to slide some 34mm...
  2. Popshot

    Church Pod build

    Thanks to jonrev I now have this fine bodywork to make into something to pedal. What I won't be doing is trying to get in and out of that opening at my age. A circus contortionist might be able to do it and not look ridiculous but I've no intention of calling for help as I get halfway in or out...
  3. Popshot

    A public thank-you to jonrev

    A very big thanks to jonrev for his very kind donation of his Church Pod body to me. I now have to make something with it.(y)
  4. Popshot

    Got myself a Whyte PRST

    Ever since I came across this machine I knew I'd own one one day. That day was yesterday. Designed by two F1 engineers in the late 90's to overcome the then issues with telescopic forks of sticktion and flex, these baby's sold for £2700 in top trim back in 2000. A quick once around the block...
  5. Popshot

    Pedicab Drycycle on ebay UK Nothing to do with me. Has already been through at least once at £1500 with no bids.
  6. Popshot

    Got to build me a sidecar for the dog

    There's nothing cooler than a dog in goggles and the Wallace and Grommit-alike sidecar adds the icing.
  7. Popshot

    Recumbent seat on ebay uk Nothing to do with me but thought someone here may be interested. The seller sent me an offer to buy it at £55.
  8. Popshot

    An old Dawes Imperial rebuilt

    I got this as a frame only. It's in the much desired Reynolds 531C butted tubing, is 39 years old and was the flagship bike at the time. I acquired an XS sized Flanders for it's parts and swapped them onto the old frame. The smaller the frame the cheaper they are on ebay as there's little market...
  9. Popshot

    Yet another taddy

    My enforced inability to drive due to doctor's orders (I had a stroke - full and quick recovery) has led me to wonder why I sold the two most regular taddies (if any recumbent can ever be called regular) I ever made as the seat on my diamond framed bike, whilst plush for what it is, is hardly a...
  10. Popshot

    Tongsheng 5 pin connector.

    Can anybody point me to a 5 pin Tongsheng extension cable please. The 6 pin are very common but I can't find a 5 pin. The remote switch is naturally designed for a diamond frame bike and I need to move it a long way from the display for a recumbent. The remote has a 5 pin female so a 6 pin male...
  11. Popshot

    A solution to twisting chains for FWD

    I saw this on ebay. It was a one off "engineer built" using a UJ to cope with chain demands. On side fixed to the frame and the other the forks. It does mean that you have LHD either at the crank or wheel so makes at least one end a derailleur issue.
  12. Popshot

    Mobike parts

    Has anyone ever seen the front hub assembly on a Mobike? Although it looks like a disc it's actually a drum and looks fixed with a single nut. It would appear at a casual glance that the front hub assembly could be used as the undriven end of a trike. I'm aware they use a lot of thief-proof...
  13. Popshot

    Cable ties

    Firstly let me say I am as guilty of this as anyone. No sooner do many of us finish our projects than we reach for a packet of cable ties and adorn our rides with countless numbers of them. In many instances some better planning and we could mount cable stops and other forms of cable controls...
  14. Popshot

    Tilter mk3

    The weather has stopped play on the Drypod as I need to be outside to hinge the body up and down (the big disadvantage of a tilt body) so I've committed a cardinal sin and started my next project. If I get this right it will be a tilting tadpole along the same principle Alan Maurer built his. It...
  15. Popshot

    Cor...look at the rack on that! Nothing to do with me. That rear carrier is huge!
  16. Popshot

    Fat trike wheels and tyres 2x20 and 1x26

    2x20" and 1x26". All with new or almost new tyres. 20mm disc hubs in the small ones and a left side motor drive freewheel on the big one. The motor drive is a R/H thread so you'll either need to threadlock the locking ring or dab it with the welder to keep it on. The front hubs are not fat width...
  17. Popshot

    The good, the bad and the ugly.

    When I first started in this hobby it would be fair to say I only had experience of what many would disparagingly call BSO (bicycle shaped objects); bicycles sold largely in supermarkets for rock bottom prices. After building my first trike from these I decided on a better donor for my second...
  18. Popshot

    Helicopter for sale on ebay

    Well at least it looks like a chopper!
  19. Popshot

    Not riding in the snow but I have achieved something.

    I made the wheels for my next project - another tilting taddy. I know I have yet to complete the Drypod2 but it's cold in my garage and "my legs are grey. My ears are gnarled. My eyes are old and bent". At least those are my excuses and this was a nice warm indoor job. The colour scheme for the...
  20. Popshot

    Stainless tube versus mild

    I've been wondering of the benefits or not of changing to stainless tube for my next chassis. Apart from the rust resistance I'm labouring under the impression that stainless has less flex than mild for the same weight / size but also less ability to bend before permanent deformation. I am...